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There are many unhinged things about the reaction of the Democrats after their disastrous presidential candidate lost, but the one that irks me beyond despair is their immediate and fierce defense of people they apparently know who are in our country illegally.


There have been many reasons to dream that federal authorities would arrest these irresponsible elected officials. The worst being the arrogant and incompetent (the same combo Rob Ford displayed) Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. This guy is presiding over a city that is beyond bankrupt and a murder zone like areas of Iraq. Yet he has decided to take a stand on defending illegal aliens living in his city, taking jobs from his legal residents and draining community resources they don’t have. This is despite President-elect Trump stating he wants to throw out the criminal element of these illegal aliens.

Can you imagine what the illegal alien gang members would be thinking when the Chicago cops are defending them against the federal immigration authorities deporting them? The ones from south of our border would say “I told you these gringos are loco.” The Eastern European gang members will talk about how stupid we are in Russian, Ukrainian or Albanian.

But my home area has gone even further than that. Are you shocked the Left Coast would do such a thing? We have plenty of challenges here in Los Angeles as you can imagine about any major city in the U.S. After all, they are almost exclusively run by Democrats and public employee unions. Here is a problem to focus on for our civic leadership – millennials are fleeing Los Angeles at the third highest rate in the country. In fact, 7.4% of millennials have relocated over the last 10 years. The housing costs and lack of jobs have them moving to Austin, Charlotte and elsewhere. The cool, young and hip apparently don’t think L.A. is so cool, young and hip.


Yet our civic leaders have a fully-organized plan within a little over a week post-election to protect illegal aliens living in the city from the federal authorities. The Los Angeles Times reported the Los Angeles City Council voted to put this plan together and at the same time request additional funds for transportation and homelessness. You have to admit these city council members have spunk.

They are even going further than that. Council President Herb Wesson said he will move toward hiring an immigrants’ advocate. That would be all well and good if he were referring to helping legal immigrants assimilate into our city and country. Instead, what this “advocate’s” job will be is to obstruct the immigration laws of the United States. What Wesson said was they were going to work on strategies to keep Los Angeles residents from being deported. No one who is here legally need worry. Wesson is defending the ‘rights’ of illegals.

Let us remind you that Trump specifically stated at this time they would be looking to deport illegals who had done illegal acts here. Gang members and drug dealers would be the kinds of people targeted. Maybe Wesson’s plan will protect them.

The Democrats attacked Trump when he recently stated there was extensive illegal voting. By early 2016, 605,000 driver’s licenses had been issued to illegal immigrants in California. That was just in the first year. Figures have not been issued for 2016 yet. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla scorned Trump for his statements, but he knows many of these people voted because there was nothing to stop them once they had a driver’s license. They could easily register to vote, but no one cares to even analyze whether they did, which is Padilla’s job. Just another aspect of making these illegal aliens de facto citizens.


We have fought this fight before with the Democrats. They are the ones across the country arguing to continue Sanctuary City status even after the election of Trump who promised to end the practice.

You may remember that after the Supreme Court ruling in 1954 (Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas), a fight broke out across the United States. This culminated in 1957 when Orval Faubus, the Democratic governor of Arkansas, attempted to stop the integration of Little Rock Central High School. The governor sent in the Arkansas National Guard to stop the integration. This caused the now-famous order from President Eisenhower to send in federal troops to escort the black students into the school.

Scenes like this spread throughout the South led by Democrats resisting federal law. Another Democrat, George Wallace, actually personally stood in the doorway of the University of Alabama to stop integration of that school.

Fifty years later we have a series of Democrats, principally mayors, making their own national immigration policy. Stopping any enforcement of federal law regarding people admittedly here illegally. They believe in their cause just as righteously as George Wallace standing in that school house door.

The Immigration Act of 1986 legalized a group of people who had entered our country illegally. We were promised that they would enforce the laws thereafter and protect the border. That was either a lie or a complete failure. Now we have lawless Democrats defending illegals again to feather their own voting rolls … while we all pay.


President-elect Trump stated he wants removal of the gang members, drug dealers and criminal element. Yet, Democrats cannot abide that. It is high time we do something to protect our national integrity.

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