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It brought tears to my eyes to see pictures on the front of American newspapers of armed French soldiers guarding Jewish schools in Paris. It was not long ago there were French sending Jews on trains to camps and death. Maybe the world has woken up and realizes Jews are not the world’s problem, but radical Islam really must be dealt with and with deadly force.


France is the same country whose leaders would complain at their soirees about that “sh---y little country (Israel)” causing the problems in the Middle East. This is evidenced by the questionable treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister at the Paris march. But maybe they have awoken to what they were being told all those years, that Israel and the Jews were the “canary in the coal mine.” Maybe they will realize that letting Muslims come into their country and form their own isolated communities was a grave mistake. Maybe they will realize tolerating Muslims’ destroying a thousand cars on New Year’s in mass fires is unacceptable. Maybe they will realize allowing religious leaders to preach destructive, inflammatory rhetoric shouldn’t be condoned, but rather condemned.

Two monumental events happened last week. Not the murderous terrorist attack in Paris. That was unfortunately a “routine” act these days. First was the President of Egypt (el-Sisi) calling for a religious reformation within Islam. This was a world-changing event, having the Muslim leader of the most populace Muslim country in the Middle East stating the obvious: that to rid the world of radical Islam it must come from within. Imans preaching 7th century ethics and destruction of the infidels has to change and we cannot cause that from outside the religion. It was wonderful to see Muslims marching arm-in-arm with world leaders in the streets of Paris, but there should and must be millions of Muslims marching across the world. We keep being told the radical Islamists are just 1%, but that would be 16 million fanatics that cannot be tolerated. Islam has to be the center of this change.


The other event was the President of France (Hollande) stating we are at war with radical Islam. Wouldn’t that be nice for the leader of the Free World to do the same, but some have said he has abdicated that position. Hollande has to now send his troops into the “no-go” zones and say no more. The idea that countries in Europe allowed immigrants to colonize areas of their country boggles the mind. There is a backlash here against some Americans who argue that they are happy to have immigrants, but they want them to become Americans. That is what has happened since before the Declaration of Independence. Little Italy or Little Korea is fine for living areas, but people come to America and Americans want them to become Americans. That does not mean they need to leave their culture at Ellis Island, but it means we don’t want 200 different countries. The French allowed these immigrants to create their own country within their borders in some misguided liberal thought strain. What has occurred is the breeding of anti-French, anti-Christian, anti-Free World attitudes resulting in murderous radicals who harbor disrespect for French ideals of free thought.

Mr. Hollande needs to back up his talk with actions. He needs to clean out these nests. He needs to insist the Islamic schools teach French ideals and history. He needs to say you are welcome in France, but on our terms and if not au revior.

The Jews have seen this coming. There has been violence against the Jewish community by Muslims in France for years. It has been tolerated as if it were eternally isolated. European Jews have endured as Muslim attacks have caused many to think of moving to Israel. 10,000 French Jews are expected to do so in 2015. The Muslims are attempting to drive the Jews out of the countries of Europe like they drove them from the countries of the Middle East. But once they are done with the Jews, they will start on the Christians as is being seen in the Middle East. Once the Jews are out of Europe the Christians will be next. Boko Haram is doing the same in Africa. Fair warning to Europeans: calling yourself a secularist will not protect you. It did not protect secular Jews from the Nazis; it will not protect the secular Europeans from radical Islam.


Seeing the French protecting the Jews of Paris is truly a revelation. Hopefully, it is a beginning of a reformation of European and Free World thinking about what these murderous Islamists are aiming to achieve. We cannot wait for an Islamic reformation to occur to protect civilization.

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