Brion McClanahan

Brion McClanahan
The Two Faces of Hamilton
By Brion McClanahan
Hamilton: An American Musical has entertained thousands of Americans since it opened in 2015. Alexander Hamilton has become the Founding ...
September 26, 2017
Let the Bear Flag Go
By Brion McClanahan
A large portion of California wants to secede. That’s a good thing. American conservatives should not only applaud the move, they ...
February 16, 2017
The Beginning of the Trump Revolution
By Brion McClanahan
Don’t let the afterglow cigarette fool you, Trump supporter.You still need to keep establishment Republicans out of the bed.Trump made ...
November 12, 2016
And the Winner Is… Trump
September 28, 2016 |
Donald the Good
By Brion McClanahan
Donald Trump is campaigning like it’s 1884. That’s a good thing. His speech on Wednesday sliced open new wounds in the ...
June 25, 2016
Trump: What American Conservatism Needs
By Brion McClanahan
Following Ted Cruz’s announcement that he was suspending his campaign, the political world began the process of decompression and evaluation. ...
May 07, 2016
The Greatest President in American History Is…?
By Brion McClanahan
It ain’t Lincoln. It sure ain’t Franklin Roosevelt. And unfortunately it ain’t Washington. But it is another Virginian. The greatest president in American history ...
February 13, 2016
The Root of Executive Abuse
By Brion McClanahan
Less than two weeks ago, President Obama vetoed a bill that would have repealed the Affordable Care Act. ...
January 21, 2016
Jefferson's "Rightful Remedy"
October 19, 2015 |
Rethinking the Declaration of Independence
By Brion McClanahan
Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1825 that he intended the Declaration of Independence to be “an expression of the American mind, ...
July 04, 2010
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