Brett Velicovich

Brett Velicovich
President Trump Is Making the Military Great Again, Too
By Brett Velicovich
President Trump is keeping his pledge to rebuild the American military — and his proposed defense budget for the next ...
February 24, 2020
The Perpetually Conflicted Democrats Are Distraught Over American Victories
By Brett Velicovich
The Democrats are absolutely devastated. They were certain that President Trump would start a war with Iran, but instead he’s ...
January 04, 2020
Mueller’s Probe Comes At A Cost: Lost Faith in The Justice System
By Brett Velicovich
Robert Mueller’s investigation lasted nearly two years, but it will take far longer than that to restore faith in America’s ...
March 29, 2019
Despite Past Failures Of Career Politicians, President Trump Is Delivering for America’s Heroes
By Brett Velicovich
Veterans Affairs once represented everything wrong with big government. Its inefficiency and incompetence didn’t just waste taxpayer dollars, it cost ...
July 27, 2018
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