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Hiding AOC Crimes

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Blue-Anon – MSNBC

  • Just insist they are the same absent any exploration.

It has been a lot of fun watching the fallout from the Energy Department's statement about the lab leak this week – not so much as a spiking of the football as it is watching the press unravel over their years of stifling the topic.

Chris Hayes gives us a version of this struggle. He brings up another long-running theory that has become recalibrated – the Havana Syndrome theory. As clarification over that came out, Hayes observed similarities but managed to avoid the most glaring difference. At no point was anyone disparaged, silenced, or banned for promoting a theory merely asking questions about the Havana Syndrome.

Anti-Social Media – BLEACHER REPORT

March is Women's History Month, and already it has shown to be problematic – for women. Hershey's honored females by…celebrating a male. The latest comes from the NBA, where the Toronto Raptors tried to celebrate women by having a few players on a video snippet say why they thought women were great. 

Two of the players had the temerity to say they thought that the ability to give birth was a great aspect. This enraged Molly Morrison of Bleacher Report. Morrison and a number of other outraged activist-minded journos generated enough pressure for the team to pull down the video and apologize – for suggesting women can give birth.

Gilded Reframe – CNN

For the most part, the major news outlets have completely avoided covering the news that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing serious ethics violations charges. At least CNN has been brave enough to cover the issue!

This was not a linking error. While CNN can claim to have reported on AOC's issues, they only did so by burying mention of it deeper -–in an "oh, by the way," manner – within this George Santos report. 

Democrat Custodial Services – THE ATLANTIC

The defeat of Lori Lightfoot in her reelection bid as mayor of Chicago has the left-leaning press left trying to explain it away. Not only was it rare for an incumbent not to be reelected, she only received 16% support as she came in third place. Attempts to call this racism or sexism were quickly dismissed by the reality that she was elected in the first place.

So, The Atlantic is attempting a new tack – it's not her fault; it is just that big cities cannot be governed at all! Well, that is a curious admission. Maybe Chicago just needs to elect the right Democrat – as it has done for the past 90 years.

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – NEWS NATION

Some may regard it as amusing or pathetic (it can be two things!) that outlets still cling to the lie of calling Florida's Parental Rights law "Don't Say Gay." That handy little phrase "what critics call…" allows the slanderous title to still be used with impunity.

Over at NewsNation, they lean heavily into it, now claiming that Florida is expanding the wrongly-titled law. Which, we have to guess, means there are more things you have to say…less?

Demo-lition Project – CNBC

  • Just more ratings news that goes unreported for obvious reasons.

It does not get much play, but the Fox Business Network, in a head-to-head comparison with the far more established CNBC, has now beaten the competition in ratings for 11 consecutive months.


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