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WaPo's Glenn Kessler Misfires on Guns

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Democrat Custodial Services – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • It appears that thing the press told us was gravely serious is not so gravely serious today.

On Tuesday came the rather surprising announcement that the FBI had made appearances at the Penn Biden Center, as well as the home of the president, looking into his classified documents fiasco. We say “surprising,” not because they showed up at these locations, but when they showed. It was over a week ago when they were in Delaware, and the Feds were at the think tank back in November! We here at "Riffed From the Headlines" feel like this would be rather newsworthy-type stuff to report on, but not so much our legacy journalism class.

Then came word today that the FBI was once again at Biden’s home, but this time the press covered it, albeit in a much more calm fashion. Just recall, when the Feds hit Trump’s Florida home, we had live reports and instant updates. The investigators took pics that we all saw from Trump’s office, and they leaked the contents of the papers confiscated. With Biden’s Car-a-Lago issue, we know little to nothing, and as for today’s appearance, that is definitely not a raid? The reporters are doing remote reports from elsewhere, like the White House lawn.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – MSNBC

  • That the dawning that should come over her never takes place is the precious part.

Joy Reid is at it once again, spending her time raging about her second favorite topic, Ron DeSantis. This time she is listing off all of the things he is doing to transform his state into "The meanest place on Earth."

The best part is what Reid was reacting to: She does not seem to grasp that all of the things she rails against are the reasons for the report she saw that shows Florida is the state the most people are relocating to.

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – WASHINGTON POST

Glenn Kessler attempts to address the matter of gun proponents who say that limiting the Second Amendment is problematic toward crime because of the limitations on “good guys with guns.” Kessler thinks he is convincing in his fact-check because of statistics he pulls up showing a lack of support for this theory. That he manages to avoid statistics that undermine his premise and prove out the “good guy” side of the argument is of little surprise, considering this is Kessler, after all. 

Glenn went after a Senator Ted Cruz comment regarding the use of guns to halt criminal episodes, but he never cites one study showing a significant percentage of gun owners have used their weapons in a self-defense manner. He also avoided contacting Sen. Ted Cruz’s office, as his communications point man Steve Guest noted, as he brought in the data Kessler sidestepped in his column. 

Reporting on the Mirror – THE DAILY BEAST

Writing about the announcement that CNN will have Bill Maher on Friday evenings, Ben Burgis of the Daily Beast was not thrilled with the news. While it is fine that he may not be a Maher fan, what is curious to see is that he appears more bothered at this being another sign of change at CNN.

Pick which position is more revealing – that Burgis as a writer is mad at CNN moving more toward the middle in its news coverage or the tacit admission that CNN is a leftist news outlet.

First Amendment Strike Force – WASHINGTON POST

One of the amazements with our contemporary journalism class is the level of delusion they operate with on a regular – a near daily – basis. Just look at how pervasive falsehoods are from the very people who decry misinformation. Another component (seen above) is the aversion to facts seen from the fact-checkers. Perhaps the most bizarre/quixotic/troubling component is seen from those who are in the learned positions of authority within the journalism class.

Here is an example from Leonard Downie Jr., a former executive editor of The Washington Post, who is also a journalism professor at Arizona State University, weighing in with a perspective on the profession today: Journalists should stop being objective, as this will…(re-reads the claim being made), he says this will “build trust.”

- "Newsrooms are debating whether traditional objectivity should still be the standard for news reporting. To better understand the changes happening now, I and former CBS News president Andrew Heyward, investigated the values and practices in mainstream newsrooms today. What we found has convinced us that truth-seeking news media must move beyond whatever 'objectivity' once meant to produce more trustworthy news."

What baffles us here is that Downie appears oblivious that the journalism industry has blasted objectivity out of the water some time ago and only continues to move away from that standard. He also seems unaware that, as a result, polls have shown public trust in the media has been at septic tank levels over that same time.


  • So what you are saying is that when people notice Biden, they end up liking him less?

On the subject of polls, it is showing that President Biden has taken a recent hit in the approval numbers once again. It is with amusement that CNN looked into the matter and came to a curious discovery; it appears that the more the general public is interested in looking into what the president is doing, his public approval goes down.

- "Americans still seem to be entranced with Trump, even though he is no longer president. I’ve long pointed out that more people search for Trump than Biden on Google. But that has not been the case over the latter half of January. Among those who searched for either Biden or Trump, about 60% of them in the past two weeks searched for Biden. This is the highest percentage Biden has reached when compared with Trump since the late summer and fall of 2021.

That time stamp is notable, too, because it coincided with a drop in Biden’s approval rating from which he hasn’t recovered. Last week, after more people searched for Biden’s name on Google, a number of polls appeared to confirm a drop in his approval rating."

This goes a long way toward explaining why CNN is still so focused on covering the man who is no longer president.


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