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Revell, SBC Life editor, accepts pastorate

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--John Revell, editor of SBC Life, is resigning to become pastor of a church in Connecticut.

Revell -- associate editor of SBC Life from 1996 through September 2005 and editor thereafter -- will leave his position effective Sept. 15 to become pastor of Stamford Baptist Church in Stamford, which is in southwest Connecticut and about 40 miles northeast of New York City. Prior to his work at SBC Life, he pastored churches in Florida and New York.


The Connecticut church's interest in Revell began because of his passion for discipling Christians. He has led a discipleship workshop with a group of about 25 teenagers, and his focus on discipleship opened up opportunities for him to speak at men's conferences and seminars on the subject.

Stamford Baptist, a multi-ethnic church on the edge of the New York City metropolitan area, is a congregation that "was deeply committed to the same objective" -- fulfilling the Great Commission, Revell said.

Its members voted unanimously July 31 to call Revell as pastor.

The church was constituted in 1773, and John Gano, a Revolutionary War chaplain, was instrumental in its founding. Gano's descendants claimed he baptized George Washington; many historians say there is no evidence to support it. A painting in Gano Chapel at William Jewel College in Missouri depicts the scene.

SBC Life is published six times a year by the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee.

In a letter to SBC Executive Committee President Frank Page, Revell wrote that the decision was difficult for him and his wife because of the strong roots they have made in Nashville, but ultimately they knew it was God's will.

"Accepting that call leaves Debbie and me with a profound sense of excitement, but it also leaves us with a deep sense of sorrow," Revell said. "We are truly excited at what the Lord has for us in this incredible opportunity to advance the spread of the Gospel and the cause of Christ in the Northeast, but our hearts will break as we leave such an amazing team here at the EC, especially as you forge ahead in your efforts to promote and cultivate unity and camaraderie in the SBC."


He added, "We could not take this step if we were not absolutely convinced it was what God desired."

Roger S. ("Sing") Oldham, vice president for convention communications for the SBC Executive Committee, called Revell a "dear friend and wonderful minister of the Gospel."

"He has served Southern Baptists in stellar fashion as editor of SBC Life," Oldham said. "When we began working together four years ago, I read a manuscript on discipleship he had been working on for some years. He is what he has said he aspires to be -- a true and faithful follower of Jesus, his King. We will miss his genial and gentlemanly spirit in the office."

Compiled by Baptist Press staff.

Copyright (c) 2011 Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist Press

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