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God Bless Donald Trump--And to the Naysayers: "You're FIRED!"

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Just plain wow!

I went into Election 2016 with high hopes, but I must say that I was not totally surprised …

Oh, OK, I WAS!

Look, I was convinced that Trump would carry New Hampshire along with all the states that George W. Bush had carried in 2004 (except for Colorado and New Mexico), plus that one house seat in Maine.


Good enough, right?

But Trump overdelivered!

At a victory party in Redondo Beach, I turned into a right-wing version of Howard Dean: “He won Pennsylvania! And Michigan! And Wisconsin! And he’s gonna take the White House! Yeaaaagh!”

Some people looked at me like I was crazy. Anyone would have been crazy to think that Trump would sweep the Rust Belt.

I had my hopes, but they became a reality on Election Day.

What a deal!

My South Bay home is generally a sleepy place in a blue state—so blue, that even reliably Republican Orange County, CA took on a slight azure shade on Election Night. Yet even with a sad turn of events in California (another article for another day), there is too much to rejoice about.

And that’s just the presidential election (About the U.S. Senate … another article, another day).

I rejoice with the #NotTrumps, of which I was one. Hey, give me a break. I needed a record or something to trust. Now that I see he is the real deal, I am ready to make deals with this president.

I rejoice with the cynics who are simply glad that Hillary was stopped.

But there is so much about what happened on Election night!

1. Instead of amnesty-hispandering on amnesty, Trump talked building a big beautiful wall.  And he won! Build the wall, repeal Obamacare, rescind the executive orders, then Lock Her Up and throw away the key! How could the RNC autopsy group have gotten their 2012 loss so wrong? Because they were listening to people who had been indoctrinated with a media line that the answer to a political party’s problems lies in rejecting Americanism and giving into a leftist, elitist, globalist i.e. Democratic agenda.


2. Trump actually outperformed Mitt Romney with “minorities.” I believe that these numbers will trend for the better as more Americans—regardless of their skin color—recognize that conservatism is for everyone, a color-neutral agenda which benefits the working man as much as the billionaire, with no cronyism and no other favoritism than God’s grace.

The American Dream is for everyone, without hand-outs or bigger government at the expense of individual liberty.

3. The trade deals!  NAFTA, TPP, OMG! The trade deals have been raw deals for this country. I admit that I haven’t paid attention to how slanted they were toward the politically connected corporations at the expense of every one of us regarding our international trade. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with able-bodied citizens forming a business partnership, but no company should get an easy deal or better regulations because they know a guy in Washington, D.C. That game ends today.

4. Evangelical Christians, all voters of faith turned out in YUGE numbers.  Finally, they realized that sitting out this election was not an option. Dinesh D’Souza’s cautionary speech to Liberty University was a welcome reality check. We need to put our principles into practice, not just hold meetings, rant about the state of affairs, but now work with what we’ve got. A red sea of Biblical moralist is washing away the Left-wing filth that defines the Obama Administration’s tattered, teetering legacy.

5. The pollsters were all blown out of the water. Aside from the one or two who had predicted a Brexit victory earlier this year, pollsters have egg on their face, along with the rest of the breakfast banquet. I just loved seeing those arrogant bean-counting academics getting kicked in the teeth, and then have to muster a smile and apologize at length.


Larry Sabato was groveling and rolling all over his website: “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa!”  Here’s why the pollsters were wrong (if they were genuinely trying to be accurate): the massive Trump-tsunami does not give a Wikileaks drip-drop about academic opinions on elections. They don’t read Sabato, Real Clear Politics, etc. They just want their country back, and they want leaders who respect them and promise to “Make America Great Again.”

Those “people” looked down on by Beverly Hills supermodels, public sector union bosses, La Raza activists, and anyone who lives and breathes on a university campus—those “forgotten men and women” do not answer polls, never get the calls, and just hang up the phone because they are too busy living their lives, raising their families, enjoying or trying to hold onto their American Dream.

Pollsters don’t understand these dynamics. Even free-market enthusiasts like Libertarian Cheerleader John Stossel missed it. Interesting enough, he released an article on Election Day affirming a Clinton victory with a bare GOP hold on Congress.


However, I agree with Sen. Rand Paul, that Sabato,, etc. were spinning numbers, doing everything they could to stifle the Trump vote. This time, We the People were wise to it. Let’s never forget what happened to Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie on Election Night 2014. Polls with double-digit downers for our candidates will no longer serve as the last word on anyone’s viability. Never again.


In 2014, I was jumping out of my seat, then trolling the local Democratic club leader when Republicans took back the U.S. Senate. This year, for three days straight I have been celebrating this consummate GOP winning streak!

Just awesome!

If nothing else, this Trump-tastic victory radiates a new birth of freedom and a total abrupt disdain for the arrogant, elitist, globalist phalanx of K Street, Wall Street, and the New York Times Fifth Avenue chattering classes.

God Bless Donald Trump!

As for the media, the GOP Establishment, the lying press and their handlers, and all the Democratic Party hacks: “You’re Fired!”

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