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Because of all Those Crude Words and Lewd Acts, I'm Voting for Trump!

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Apparently, Donald Trump made some very crude comments over the weekend.

Oh, wait … he uttered those comments privately over eleven years ago.

Isn’t it against the law to record such private conversations in the first place? I am waiting for the Trump campaign to launch their next lawsuit … against Billy Bush. Another thing: Why are we learning about these crude comments from eleven years ago -- now? What do they have to do with this momentous and compelling Presidential campaign this year? This is another example of journalistic malpractice. If the entertainment or news media really feared Donald Trump and his purported treatment of women, then why did they wait to leak this information?


Perhaps they feared that long litany of Clinton Family misogyny would end up as fair game. (Too late)

We all know that for twenty plus years, the Marginalized Media has been carrying water for the Clintons, and they don’t want their corrupt queen losing her prized seat in the White House Oval office. They desperately needed to cover for the crude comments and lewd acts of the Clinton camp, which are dripping out in floods from Wikileaks.

So here comes Donald Trump on a hot mike.


Let the deluge begin.

But before pouring—sorry, poring—over the latest DocuDump, let’s review the abrasive language and abusive acts of Hillary (and Bill) Clinton that are already public.

Let’s start with Racist Hillary’s record on race:

1. In 1994, when describing young black criminals, Hillary Clinton called them “Superpredators.” Ouch! How about that for winning the black vote! Check out this video from … The Young Turks for more information.

2. From the Guardian: “A book out today claims that 26 years ago she called Paul Fray, her husband's campaign manager at the time, a ‘f---king Jew bastard’".

And yet there are (some) Jewish voters still with her?

3. During her tenure as U.S. Senator from New York, she channeled Uncle “Foot in mouth” Joe Biden, and joked about Gandhi working at a gas station, since mostly Indian-Americans work at gas stations, of course …

4. She coddled Black Lives Matter activists, and then brushed them off with “I will talk only to white people.”



Now, let’s talk about Bill Clinton’s lewd acts, and Crooked Hillary’s creepy insistence of covering for her man. How many woman has Bubba exploited, raped, violated?

1. Juanita Broaddrick: This woman deserves a gold star for her insistent courage to stand out and demand justice for what Bill did to her, and what Hillary continues to cover for. She threatened Juanita to stay quiet about the abuse!

2. Paula Jones She worked for then Arkansas Governor Clinton. What was particularly distasteful about her tell-all interview on ABC News in 1994? Sam Donaldson precluded the broadcast by casting aspersions on the validity of Paula Jones’ remarks. How’s that for objective (or objectified?) reporting?

3. Gennifer Flowers: First, Bubba denied an affair with the Little Rock reported, then he admitted to it and paid a settlement. Bubba deflowered women, and her wife tried to flower it up as a big bouquet of nothing.

4. Monica Lewinsky, of course! All of us got to see how low Bubba would go to get away his stained Presidential career. And how low Crooked Hillary would go to cover for it. He repeatedly assured the public that “He did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Yeah, he did.

5. Kathleen Willey: an aide in the Clinton White House. She claimed that the President sexually assaulted her.

6. Eileen Wellstone: She was a 19-year old student at Oxford University when Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar who had sexually assaulted her. Right now, she just wants to be left alone. Who in this country would want to be alone with Bill Clinton, let alone elect his wife as Commander-in-Chief?


Then I found this video, which exposes then-President Bill Clinton groping a woman seated next to him. Really. Could it get any worse?

So, what can we conclude about Crooked Hillary and Creepy Bill? The memes on social media are all  too accurate: Hillary Clinton is the true face of the War on Women.

But there’s more, and the media can’t stop it.

Left-leaning publications like Politico want to water down WikiLeaks, arguing that Clinton was just trying to hide her distance from Middle Class cares and concerns. A lady who drives around in a van named “Scooby” surrounded by secret service has announced how out of touch she is.

NPR defended Crooked Hillary’s big bank speeches, claiming there’s no “there” there.

And yet, Hillary admitted that she holds public and private positions on issues.

That’s called LYING, Hillary!

And there’s more:

1. She called Millennials a “bucket of losers” in a private speech that she gave to Goldman-Sachs. More damaging, she wants the Democratic Party to become the Party of Wall Street, even though she has been telling her hopeful fans that she will stand against Wall Street. She also labeled them basement dwellers. Maybe they should don “Pepe the Frog” masks and join the ranks of the Alt-Right.

2. In another private speech, Clinton claimed that blacks and Roma are economic underachievers, regardless of circumstances. Really. Without her pristine filter, one could imagine Hillary blurting out: “Black people are stupid and lazy because they are black.”


I thought she thought that black people were superpredators.

3. Hillary Clinton actually loves open borders, and she wants trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership, even though she has tap-danced around bad trade deals for the past year and a half, suggesting that she would be less inclined to favor.

Did I forget to mention that she covered for, intimidated on behalf of, then dismissed husband Bill’s frequent abusive paramours for decades?

Trump makes crude comments in a private meeting.

Bill and Hillary have advertised their lewd, rude brood of words and deeds for decades.

All this makes voting easy for me: Donald Trump for President.

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