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Third-party candidates are majoring in muddying the waters again in our electoral politics. Minor parties have shaped major party platforms, and they have played spoiler in very contentious races. George W. Bush would have lost Florida, but for Green Party Ralph Nader stealing enough votes from Al Gore. I cannot imagine what this country would have looked like with the former Clinton VP standing up to the rising hordes of radical Islam in the Middle East.


Thanks, Ralph.

For election 2016, third-party bids might derail a Trump win…or Hillary’s chances. The Green Party is cleaning up Bernie voters, trashed by Madam Hillary and her Clinton Clash kleptocracy  in the DNC. Despite the purges of high-echelon DNC strategists (Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the CEO, etc.), the progressive Left is leaving the Democrats for the Greens. 

Disaffected Republicans, limited government conservatives, and just plain anti-Trump upstarts are checking out Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party ticket. The former governor of New Mexico, twice elected in spite of establishment opposition in a blue state, is bandying himself as a perfect conservative-limited government foil to Trump and a palatable alternative to the offensive, corrupt, and just plain dishonest Hillary Clinton.

There may be something to their campaign. Or maybe not.

This year, the Libertarian Party presidential candidates were featured in their own kind of prime-time primary debates. I wanted McAfee to win, a business owner with true knowledge and capacities for liberty. John Stossel’s incredible contributions as a libertarian journalist were particularly helpful for discerning among the top three for the top Libertarian ticket.

I appreciate the libertarian position on many issues. The size and scope of the state should be limited, although not outright removed. Libertarians are not anarchists, by the way. The least restrictive environment is their calling card. I want to end the federal War on Drugs, and let the states handle the drug issues. 


I respect Johnson’s record in New Mexico. Susanna Martinez would not be seated in the Santa Fe Mansion without the work Johnson had done before her. I cannot speak as highly for William Weld, the Libertarian VP pick.

And that’s only the start of the problem. columnist Guy Benson shared some disturbing conflicts with Republicans for Gary Johnson. There are other glaring platform stances from the Johnson-Weld ticket which should make conservative stump for Trump, even if they have to hold their noses.

  1. When it comes to freedom of conscience and the First Amendment, Johnson is a total statist. He exposed his anti-Libertarian underpinnings during one debate, when Johnson declared that Christian bakers, florists, and other entrepreneurs should be forced to provide services for a homosexual wedding. This is outrageous! California is fighting off a corrosive anti-First Amendment legislation, which is essential turning homosexual behavior and transgenderism into enshrined civil rights, at the expense of individual liberty. Johnson would be the icing on the not-so-free cake.

Can any true libertarian stand behind a candidate so contrary to their views? For the record, Trump has asserted that he will protect freedom of conscience, and even signaled his intent to repeal the (Lyndon Baines) Johnson Amendment, a subversive section of the tax code which has muzzled churches from advocating for candidates and causes over the past six decades.

  1. Critics have noted that Johnson lines up 73 percent of the time with “Weekend at Bernie” Sanders. Conservatives who fear that culture issues like marriage and abortion are weighing down the Republican ticket should think again. Pro-life is surging, and Christian counter-mentum to LGBT bullying has gained strength. People might not trust Trump on cultural issues, but they should turn down Johnson immediately.
  2. On immigration, Johnson has signed onto Obama’s executive amnesty which the Supreme Court struck down. But his mouthy running mate William Weld compared the construction of a border wall to the Berlin Wall. Bad history, unjustified morality. Weld also believes rounding and deporting illegals is just like Nazi Germany’s purge of Jewish citizens from cities to concentration camps. Those comparisons are odious, invidious, and reprehensible to the millions of Americans’ decent expectation for secure borders and enforced immigration laws.
  3. Johnson blames the drug war and law enforcement’s connection to it for the sharp rise in police shootings, especially of blacks. Politico reports: “But poor relations between police and African-Americans stems from the criminalization of drug use, he said.”

He says nothing about the destruction of the family, nothing about the negative consequences of welfarism in black communities, and nothing about the detrimental urban policies of inner-city Democratic politicians.

He has also applauded Black Lives Matter for their efforts. Ugh. #BlackLivesMatter gets all the respect, when our peace officers are getting shot in the back by politicians and thugs? I don’t want this man in the White House putting more public safety officers’ lives at risk.

Now, about William Weld, Johnson’s VP nom:

  1. He’s an arrogant liberal who destroyed the Massachusetts Republican Party. I have worked with concerted, connected conservative activists in the Bay State, and they have utter contempt for this guy. 
  2. To this day, Weld is a cheerful gun-control enthusiast, but would let hunters keep their rifles. The Second Amendment is not for hunting little ducks, but politicians when they try to take your rights away (hat tip, Bob Dornan).
  3. Weld is actually a big government extremist who resorted to state power for environmental protection and expanded the social safety net in Massachusetts. How are these views libertarian?

While some disaffected Republicans may not like Trump, and no one would dissuade their dissatisfaction, they should be horrified at a Johnson-Weld administration.

Just say No to LINO (Libertarian in Name Only) Gary Johnson and his partner in big government crime William Weld!

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