Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams
It's Time for Americans to Get Back to Work
By Armstrong Williams
When it comes to the great American work ethic, our country is hurtling down the wrong path. The Biden administration ...
May 13, 2021
What Truly Matters Is Each Other
By Armstrong Williams
Are white Americans being discriminated against? Some might be aghast at the idea that one might have such a thought, ...
May 06, 2021
Mass Shootings Pandemic
By Armstrong Williams
Growing up in rural South Carolina on my family's farm, I developed a love, appreciation and, most importantly, a respect ...
April 29, 2021
Dangers Seen and Unseen
By Armstrong Williams
Privately and publicly, I have been so thankful and blessed that I have not contracted COVID-19 and continue to travel ...
April 15, 2021
CBS' '60 Minutes' and Media Manipulation
By Armstrong Williams
This past Sunday, critically acclaimed CBS program "60 Minutes" broadcast an alleged bombshell report on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and ...
April 08, 2021
Society Pays a High Price When Prosecutors Fail to Punish Crime
By Armstrong Williams
Imagine a society where prostitutes could solicit johns for sex just yards from police officers who did little more than ...
April 01, 2021
The Barricades Are Coming Down, But Where Is Biden?
By Armstrong Williams
Almost two and half months after the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol, police in Washington have finally begun ...
March 25, 2021
Biden's Disastrous Border Policy Is Evidence of No Planning
By Armstrong Williams
Can you spell "hypocrite?" I'm starting to think that it begins with the letter "B" and rhymes with "widen."Democrats were ...
March 17, 2021
Cultural Outrage
By Armstrong Williams
Today, we live in a society where we seem to sprint from one manufactured cultural outrage to the next. The ...
March 11, 2021
The Elephant in the Room
By Armstrong Williams
Americans should pause to talk about the gigantic elephant in the room: the continued political relevance of Donald Trump despite ...
March 04, 2021
President Joe Biden's Assault on Gun Owners
By Armstrong Williams
For the duration of his 2020 presidential campaign -- which at first appeared to be a long shot, especially given ...
February 25, 2021
The Enemy Within
By Armstrong Williams
"The enemy within" is the phrase that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used to describe the chaos brewing just beneath the ...
February 18, 2021
Impeaching Trump Is Petty and Useless
By Armstrong Williams
The election is over; Joe Biden is in the White House; and Donald Trump has returned to his home in ...
February 04, 2021
Vaccination Protocol
By Armstrong Williams
We remember reading in the Scripture that the Father has his sun rise on the just and the unjust. The ...
January 29, 2021
Amen or Awoman?
By Armstrong Williams
Is it "amen" or "awoman"? According to Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, it's both. In a recent prayer before the United ...
January 07, 2021
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