Katie Pavlich
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Fresh off of being fired from Monday Night Football for indirectly comparing President Obama to Hitler during an appearance on Fox and Friends, Hank Williams Jr. is firing back with a new song and saying, "you can keep the change."

The official website for the singer says the following:

In light of the recent Hank Jr. and ESPN news Hank has recorded a song called "Keep The Change" and is offering it now to all his Rowdy Friends free for 48 hours. 


Also, many people have been arguing Hank Williams Jr.'s comments on Fox and Friends were racist, and although he shouldn't have made the indirect comparison of Obama to Hitler, the singer did proclaim that Herman Cain is the only presidential candidate who makes sense, throwing the accusitions of racism right out the window.

"The only one who makes sense is Herman Cain."

"Right now he makes more sense than any of them."

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