Shawn Mitchell

Please enjoy these facebook jabs. My liberal friends sure didn’t.

Hey wait…remember the “Shut Down” last fall? Was there a single national story about how this admin went out of its way and spent money to cordon off parking lots, scenic byways, open air monuments, and private concessions in order to maximize the inconvenience to Americans?

It had nothing to do with not spending money. The bad guys in charge actually spent money to punish and maximize Americans’ pain. But none of our national Big Hairs or Big Pens thought this was a story worth telling: sensational, yes; but, it would hurt their guy.

America is occupied by a hostile commie press. Dislodging it will take some doing.

Global poetry: After bootin' Putin, Eight became Seven.

We all agree that druggies shouldn't free ride on tax payers. But do you really want a government that checks everyone's pee?

Next will be grant recipients. Then contractors. Then employees. Come on liberty folk. Better to let drug users get general public benefits than to expand government's monitoring of *anyone*. Whatever it is, you're next on the list.

Every Hollywood vehicle that suggests America is evil bombs at the box office. Every movie that finds the good in our society is profitable.

Hey, you stupid, bitter clingers! It's time you learn from your Hollywood betters! You have to buy tickets to the art that condemns your bourgeois beliefs or you're just stupid.

When liberals realize that the rich and connected use government to shaft working Americans, and less government would make us all richer and freer, that's when the real revolution begins.

Re: Hobby Lobby. The Left's latest card is that religion freaks are suddenly pushing for a new and dangerous exemption from ordinary laws. Nope. Government is just getting so darn pushy that now its demands interfere with the free exercise of religion.

(By the way, the mandate isn't even in Obamacare. It's just something Barry and Queen Seeb made up to energize their base, poke Catholics in the eye, and fuel the narrative for an outrageously dishonest "War on Women!" )

Anyway, the real question is, why does America's King of Joblessness think it makes sense to define and mandate benefit packages? Was the world so uncivilized before 2012 that now, the next necessary step forward is trampling the conscience choices of a tiny handful of religious employers who, ya know, create thousands of jobs and stuff?

Shawn Mitchell

Shawn Mitchell was elected to Senate District 23 in the Colorado General Assembly in November of 2004. Shawn is an attorney at private practice in Denver and Adams County.