Scooter Schaefer

/> As a recent graduate of George Mason University, I can attest that the details of this July's Obama-Gates controversy will most likely fade into the sun-drenched carefree months of your typical college students' summer. An arrest, President Obama calling police officers stupid, beer at the White House, what kind of beer they drank. However, there is a lesson that we can take from both Professor Gates and President Obama.

A backfire erupted because most Americans, college students included, immediately saw through the racial facade that Prof. Gates and the President implied. To most Americans, the arrest was unfortunate, but appropriate given the circumstances. Nevertheless, despite there being no legal grounds to determine wrongdoing on the part of the Officer, and no indication that race was a factor, both Prof. Gates and Obama criticized Sergeant Crowley’s motives and integrity when they cried race-related foul play.

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What should have been addressed with respect to Prof. Gates and President Obama is the interjection of pre-conceived notions and biases into a situation that was initially void of race or color. By publicly denouncing Sgt. Crowley’s motives, they unwittingly uncovered their own race-related presumptions. Most would hope that the President of the United States and a "distinguished" Harvard Professor should be the first to withhold judgment based on personal presumptions before the facts were presented.

As a new school year approaches, consider that our colleges and universities are beleaguered with the same bias and presuppositions that were unsuccessfully advanced by President Obama and Prof. Gates. It is no myth that the academic community has an overwhelming liberal slant. But the extent of activism and agenda-driven education by our university professors has not been given adequate attention. A purely objective and "liberal" education, in its classical definition has been almost entirely replaced with an educational system based on a pre-conceived liberal bias of American society, including matters of race.

It is logical to assume the same reactions and presumptions by President Obama in the White House Press Room are made in the halls of Harvard and other prestigious universities by professors on a daily basis. Let us not forget President Obama himself was once a law professor at the University of Chicago and discussed these same topics in his Racism and the Law class.

Scooter Schaefer

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