Ryan James Girdusky

Posted August 22, 2012

It’s the economy stupid! Every American is going to sleep at night tossing and turning over it. Each American is grappling with their distinct economic fiend and will have the opportunity to parry it in the ballot box this November.

Posted July 11, 2012

After two long years of speculating, campaigning, hoping, and voting the Ron Paul presidential campaign has come to an end. At the end of this year, Ron Paul’s bid for the presidential ticket will be eclipsed by his retirement, after the completion of his four decades as a congressman.

Posted June 11, 2012

Conservatives have made huge strides in advancing their political beliefs in certain niches of public policy at the state level, such as promoting school choice, limiting abortion access, and 2nd Amendment rights in respect to right to carry laws. Albeit in no other area has the right-wing philosophy been the most legislatively progressive than in the field of taxes.

Posted May 16, 2012

As a conservative Republican in New York State, I have long understood my vote doesn’t matter. Yes, Reagan won the Empire State back in 1984, however it is quite clear that unless the entire lower tier of the state were to sink in the ocean, we Republicans do not matter statewide.

Posted May 04, 2012

This week, failed terrorist Adis Medunjanin was found guilty of attempting to blow up the New York City subway system. Medunjanin’s two cohorts, Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay pled guilty and cooperated with the feds. According to the New York Post, “the trio planned to detonate would have caused significant destruction and death in a subway car.”

Posted April 05, 2012

While the nation is engulfed in the Supreme Court hearings on Obamacare, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has been touring the country – most recently in Greenville, SC – to continue campaigning for her favorite pet issue: abolishing elections for state judges.

Posted March 27, 2012

The seven savage killings of four Jews and three Muslims by French born Islamic radical Mohammed Merah is not only devastating for loved ones of the victims, but sad for the French nation as they confront the crisis of our time.

Posted March 07, 2012

The loss of Dennis Kucinich in Ohio’s 9th congressional district against fellow democrat Marcy Kaptur was not just the defeat of a longstanding member of congress, it was the loss of the Democrats moral compass. Kucinich was the last high profile Democratic congressman to be an archetype liberal: anti-war, anti-big business, anti-wall street, pro-environment, pro-universal healthcare liberal democrat who very rarely wavered on principles.

Posted March 05, 2012

Vladimir Putin won an easy re-election on March 4, he reclaimed his position as President of Russia after a four year absence. Putin won the majority of the vote with 64% to his nearest opponent’s 17%; with numbers like these you would think they were stealing the election. Certainly the Putin administration is corrupt and tyrannical, they have been accused of many crimes including murder, indefinite imprisonment, and suppression of political opponents. With such a pedigree you would have thought he would be perfect for the Democratic primary.

Posted February 01, 2012

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is set to propose “The Buffett Rule”, a tax increase on everyone making more than a million dollars a year. The law named after Warren Buffett, the second richest person in the world, is also known as the “Paying a Fair Share Act.”

Posted January 24, 2012

hree primaries, three winners, no major consensus on who’s the party should nominate to run against an incumbent president. A fractured party based upon social issues, marital infidelity, wealth redistribution, economic inequality, and a growing deficit saw a series of different victories in early primary states. Such was the dilemma facing the Democrat Party in 1992.

Posted January 03, 2012

Imagine for a moment that the Twenty Second Amendment to the constitution was abolished and George W. Bush in a brokered convention is given the Republican nomination against Barack Obama. Should Republicans vote for him again?

Posted December 06, 2011

In the most recent GOP Presidential debate on foreign policy, immigration policy created the biggest hubbub. The Republican candidates, now in their 11th debate, failed to properly clarify and scrutinize America’s immigration dilemma.

Posted November 17, 2011

“S***, p***, f***, c***, c*********, m***********, and t***” was George Carlin’s trademark joke of the Seven Words You Couldn’t say on Television. Carlin once said in explaining the joke that he “was always told to look up to firefighters and police officers” and that kind of language “was always used by authority.”

Posted October 25, 2011

Michele Bachmann may still have had a serious stab at the Republican Presidential nomination had she taken a page out of Christina Aguilera’s playbook.

Posted October 06, 2011

The left have rightful grudge against corrupt government actions; all the while they maintain a childlike belief that government will act in their best interests if only there was just more government. It is mind baffling to see such an anemic argument by a large group who has no in-depth understanding about the difference between corporatism and free market or how government discredited capitalism.

Posted September 27, 2011

If economic advantages are not enough to keep the richest continent in the world together, what are the chances it will keep the richest nation in the world together?

Posted August 26, 2011

Last week, the Obama administration announced it will halt deportations of illegal immigrants on a case-by-case basis depending on whether they held certain criteria. Such criteria included attending school, having a family and having primary care responsibility for a family member.

Posted June 08, 2011

Americans have become disenchanted with the economic stagnation; headlines reading “a new low”, has been applied to the economy more than to Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Posted June 08, 2011

Americans have become disenchanted with the economic stagnation; headlines reading “a new low”, has been applied to the economy more than to Congressman Anthony Weiner.