Ryan James Girdusky

The loss of Dennis Kucinich in Ohio’s 9th congressional district against fellow democrat Marcy Kaptur was not just the defeat of a longstanding member of congress, it was the loss of the Democrats moral compass. Kucinich was the last high profile Democratic congressman to be an archetype liberal: anti-war, anti-big business, anti-wall street, pro-environment, pro-universal healthcare liberal democrat who very rarely wavered on principles.

It may be hard to believe that Kucinich was the last bleeding heart liberal in congress and even harder to believe that Democrats have a moral compass, but he was and they did.

Kucinich was the most hard lined liberal democrat there was, he had a 100% pro-choice rating from NARAL, 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, and a 92% rating from the ACLU. In his own words Kucinich said, "I'm from the universal-health-care wing of the Democratic Party. I'm from the Roe v. Wade-litmus-test wing of the Democratic Party. I'm from the abolish-the-death-penalty wing of the Democratic Party."

His most notable pieces of legislations included the creating the Department of Peace, banning all handguns, abolishing the death penalty, national healthcare for all US citizens, abolishing the Bush Tax Cuts, and amnesty to illegal immigrants. He also wrote the articles of impeachment for Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

While these positions are not unusual for a liberal Democrat, in fact you will find many more Trotsky wing nuts occupying the halls of congress, it was Kucinich who took it to the furthest extreme.

Kucinich ran for President twice, in both 2004 and 2008, though 2004 was his more serious attempt. He was the last person to leave the race, stating he was trying to shape the Democratic debate.

During his eight terms in congress Kucinich raised more than $28 million in re-election bids, and true to liberal form most of it was from individual contributors and labor unions. Kucinich unlike many mainstream Democrats including President Obama was not bought by Wall Street, something he criticized the President for during multiple occasions. Kucinich was a critic of the Federal Reserve and co-sponsored Congressman Ron Paul’s efforts to have the Fed audited.

However the core of Kucinich’s convictions lie in his pacifism even it was in opposition was against his own president.

Ryan James Girdusky

Ryan James Girdusky writes from New York City. He has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Caller, The American Thinker, and World Net Daily. He is a contributor on the radio show "Living Truth with Gina Loudon."