Rob Schwarzwalder

Hillary Clinton is in trouble.

Her problems do not emanate from her legion of critics on the Right. Instead, because she has not spoken with politically correct precision, her traditional allies on the Left are a bit shaken.

Mrs. Clinton said in an interview yesterday that “for me, marriage had always been a matter left to the states. And in many of the conversations that I and my colleagues and supporters had, I fully endorse the efforts by activists who work state by state, and in fact that is what is working."

Those advocating for a Supreme Court ruling deeming same-sex marriages a constitutional right were dismayed. Here are some quotes from The Huffington Post on Mrs. Clinton’s perceived faux pas.

“‘I know her heart, but it is terrible framing,’ said Hilary Rosen, a longtime gay rights advocate and ally of the Clintons. ‘Since this is going to the Supreme Court potentially on that question, I was surprised at her ‘old school’ framing of that. Since she has ‘evolved,’ why not just get rid of that old red herring, too?’”

“Advocates have always thought that the issue would be settled by the Supreme Court,” said Fred Sainz of the Human Rights Campaign. “We’re looking for a 50-state solution and it’s not acceptable for any state to be left out.”

“Some of her answers were not artful and not clear,” said Freedom to Marry chief Evan Wolfson. He continued, “I hope there will be other opportunities where she would be clear that the Constitution guarantees the freedom to marry.”

Can anyone else hear the strains of the theme to “The Godfather” begin to play? Wolfson has made Hillary an offer she can’t refuse: Say what we want and use the phrasing we prefer or some of your biggest financial backers – gay rights advocates – will have second thoughts.

Rob Schwarzwalder

Rob Schwarzwalder serves as Senior Vice President for the Family Research Council. He oversees FRC’s Policy department, including the Marriage and Religion Research Institute.