Nina May

It is beyond shocking that the women who have claimed for decades that women can and should compete openly in a man’s world, breaking glass ceilings while multi-tasking on a variety of projects they choose . . . have now become knuckle draggers like the men they first claimed oppressed them over 50 years ago. You know, the men who said a woman’s place is in the home, and keeping her barefoot and pregnant would ensure that she stayed there.

Irony of ironies, one of the women who inspired the modern feminist movement was Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who, with a handful of other maverick women, fought for abolition and for women’s right to vote. By the way, she also had seven children while fighting that good fight, and no one back then, seemed to suggest she couldn’t do both. And even though she lived over 150 years ago, it was much easier for her to get from town to town, than it is for Gov. Sarah Palin because no cities in Alaska are connected by roads. To travel and govern in the largest state in the union, you either have to go by boat, plane, helicopter or dogsled.

But the reality is that Sarah Palin, who is a true renaissance women, is a culmination of all that the modern feminists “claim” they have been fighting for for years. But we have seen what a fallacy that supposition has been in the past as we saw their complete and total disdain for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. We have seen the duplicity as it relates to leveling the playing field for blacks when they claim to want and celebrate th e success of all blacks, but resort to high tech lynchings if that black or that woman is a conservative or a Republican.

Nina May

Nina May is a producer/director who produced the award-winning documentary, Emancipation Revelation Revolution. She is a radio commentator and has produced and hosted her own TV show, American Renaissance.