Michael Schaus

Apparently NSA employees are a little freaked out that the public knows so much about their operation. According to the Washington Post, morale has taken a hit at the National Security Agency in the aftermath of the controversy over the agency’s surveillance activity. Former officials, according to the Post, are even expressing hope that Mr. Obama will visit the agency to show his support. (On the bright side, employees are feeling a bit proud at being named the only government agency to actually listen to the American people.)

According to the Post, agency employees are privately voicing frustration at what they perceive as White House ambivalence amid the pounding the agency has taken from critics. And, let’s face it, they hear it all. The Post continued:

A former U.S. official — who like several other former officials interviewed for this story requested anonymity because he still has dealings with the agency — said: “The president has multiple constituencies — I get it. But he must agree that the signals intelligence NSA is providing is one of the most important sources of intelligence today.”

It’s pretty obvious that the NSA surveillance programs are absolutely critical. Especially after news that the agency was recently employing it’s Orwellian spy talents to listen in on World of Warcraft gamers. (Actually… I think we just discovered the cause of the morale problem…)

NSA employees, however, are not the only ones feeling a little blue in the wake of the Edward Snowden security leaks. Big business is also grappling with diminished international business as foreign governments show trepidation in engaging with American tech companies.

Michael Schaus

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