Marita Noon

Posted November 07, 2015

Today, in finally denying the Keystone pipeline, President Obama showed his true colors. We now know, as weve long believed, that those colors are the green of the anti-fossil fuel crowd, rather than the color of jobs resulting in economic growth in the hard-hit heartland of the United States.

Posted September 29, 2015

While Pope Francis was shuttled around during his historic visit to the U.S. in a Fiat, he shared the news cycle with Volkswagen.

Posted September 08, 2015

m I the only one who finds it incongruous that President Obama, when on a carefully choreographed trip to Alaska, even manning his own Instagram account to engage young people, to spotlight the effects of global warmingwhich he says is happening right nowannounced the accelerated acquisition of ice breakers?

Posted April 06, 2014

If it were technologically possible to build a cost-effective truck or SUV that had the size and safety Americans want and that got 50 mpg, that manufacturer would have the car-buying public beating a path to its door.

Posted March 30, 2014

A new, potentially fraudulent scheme for solar has just been exposed.

Posted March 23, 2014

Now, thanks to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, it appears that the job creators may have finally learned something from the extreme tactics of groups, like the Wild Earth Guardians and the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD).

Posted March 17, 2014

I expected that they’d try to spring something on me and make me look foolish.

Posted March 10, 2014

Reid needs to keep the ruse alive because he is connected to more than $3 billion in Energy Department green-energy deals that helped him get reelected in 2010

Posted March 02, 2014

There's a lesson in the Ukraine for the U.S. Get energy independent quickly.

Posted February 23, 2014

Nothing comes out of the Obama White House by mistake. Everything is planned, analyzed, and focus group-tested.

Posted February 16, 2014

It is not often that Americans look south of the border for solutions, but Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto seems to have figured out a few things in his first year of power that has, in six years, eluded Obama.

Posted February 10, 2014

If you find oil or natural gas on your property, the value goes up. If you find an endangered species, your land becomes virtually worthless because the critter prevents productive use.

Posted February 02, 2014

President Obama, you are correct when you say, “opportunity is who we are,” but your policies hurt the poor and block job creation.

Posted January 27, 2014

The data don’t support the claims made by climate scientists—but they just keep making them.

Posted January 19, 2014

If President Obama truly wanted to “create jobs and opportunities for the middle class,” he could tell the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to work with—instead of against—people and companies who are ready to risk their capital in the development of our natural resources and create jobs.

Posted January 12, 2014

Posted January 05, 2014

Nearly four years after the failed attempt to gives us back our light bulb, the attitude about government intrusion, thanks in large part to Obamacare, is much more negative.

Posted December 29, 2013

Oil-and-gas drilling didn’t cause the flaming faucet phenomenon. Quite the contrary. The presence of gas near the surface brought about the “don’t smoke in the shower” adage. While the water is harmless to consume, a gas build up in the house could cause an explosion.

Posted December 22, 2013

I, then, explained what I call the Obama Doctrine—his primary mode of operation: “Reward your friends, punish your opposition.”

Posted December 15, 2013

Like the expiration of the DOE loan guarantee program has increased the likelihood populations of migratory birds will survive death by renewables, the pending expiration of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy could help the eagles and other raptors that are attracted to the towering turbines.