Lorie Byrd

Am I the only one who’s noticed that George Bush is doing an awful lot of dancing lately?  Not a lot by Julianne Hough standards, but a lot for a President who said before dancing at his first inaugural ball of the night in 2005 that “it may be the first time in four years.”  But there he was, the President who doesn’t like to dance, doing a little soft shoe while waiting for John McCain at the White House this week.  A couple of weeks before that, he was shown in video all over the world dancing with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Liberia.

With $105 a barrel oil prices and the dollar at a record low, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the economy.  There are still troops in Iraq, and too many crazy people still determined to kill as many Americans as possible.  But even with the problems the President has to be concerned about, I can think of a few reasons George Bush might feel like dancing lately.

This week George Bush endorsed his former rival, John McCain, for President, while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton continued to bloody each other in their quest to win the Democratic nomination.  It has gotten so bad that Hillary’s campaign is comparing Obama_to Ken_Starr. That alone is enough reason for any Republican to dance.  Not only has Hillary Clinton’s campaign gotten down and dirty, something which is hardly surprising, but now Barack Obama is firing back.  It is going to be hard for Obama to sling mud from up on that pedestal where he has been standing for so long.  He is going to have to step down to do it properly.  He certainly can’t leave it up to his surrogates. 

Lorie Byrd

Lorie Byrd is a Townhall.com columnist and blogs at Wizbang and at LorieByrd.com.

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