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The Chicago Teachers Union and Action Now (formerly known as ACORN) staged yet another protest Tuesday, this time targeting so-called Chicago “fat cats.”

Video from the event reveals that the local Chicago media – particularly Christian Farr of NBC 5 – is disinterested in reporting the radical nature of the union and its allies. Farr said that he’s too “objective” to report such news, even though it occurred right before his eyes.


Only a single Chicago talk radio program - Wade and Roma on WLS-AM - has demonstrated the nerve to question the CTU leadership about its links with socialists. As EAG recently noted, union officials hid from the truth when confronted by the radio show hosts.

At Tuesday’s rally, EAGnews producer Jeremy Segal had a conversation with Farr regarding the fact that CTU members were seen handing out copies of a socialist newspaper. Farr said Segal was expressing “an opinion” about what they were doing.

“You just used the word ‘socialist’ – you have an opinion about what they’re doing,” Farr said. “I’m objective.”

“Will you report that they’re marching around with International Socialists?” Segal asked.

“No I’m not going to report that! That’s a judgment!” Farr yelled.

It was far from a mere “judgment.” We offer video and pictures to show it’s a fact that the CTU is palling around with far-left radicals who would overthrow the American economic system if they had the opportunity.

We thought some Chicago folks might want to know that their teachers union is interested in a bit more than teaching. Frankly, we wonder if they spend much time at all worrying about children and education.

The CTU’s newest talking points, put on display at the rally, center on the language used in “Stand Up to the Fat Cats,” a video produced by the union, which claims education reformers like Mayor Rahm Emmanuel are simply trying to privatize public education so corporations can profit.

Tom Lolagos, a retired Chicago teacher, said schools need to have “wrap-around services” and “the kind of resources that these (fat cat) people have in their suburban schools.”

Lolagos also said, “Our children do not deserve affirmative action when they go to college. They deserve it when they’re in kindergarten.”

It is clear the CTU and Action Now are going to ramp up their attacks on wealthy Chicagoans in order to protect the status quo in the failing school system, as well as CTU dues payers.

And the local media? They couldn’t care less.

Kyle Olson

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