Hugh Hewitt

How are American newspapers and networks covering the Conclave? Poorly, if at all. Most of the stories are breathless horserace-style speculations about men they don't know. When American journalists venture into the issues facing the Roman Catholic Church they rightly mention the abuse scandals and then most stop, except for a few who go on about celibacy --which is not going to change no matter who emerges as the new pope. When you next spot an article talking about the slaughter of Christians in the world or the suppression of the Church in China, send me a link. The next pope has enormous issues to confront that most American journalists can't even begin to conceive of much less cover in depth.

I am trying to find and use the best experts on my radio show, and even if you are not a regular listener, if you do care about the Conclave and its result, I suggest you get the app or listen online at one of my stations such as 1260 AM in Washington D.C., Conservative Talk 94.5 in South Carolina, or 98.9 The Answer in Columbus, Ohio.

Not everyone welcomes in-depth coverage of the Roman Catholic Church's huge moment. One listener emails regularly to complain when I cover a story with any Catholic connection. The country is full of anti-religious people, many of them especially anti-Catholic, and the once-or-twice-a-generation story of a Conclave not only doesn’t interest them, they despise the process and the people involved.

He is going to suffer a lot through the next two weeks. Yesterday’s conversation with George Weigel (the transcript is here) was only the beginning. Today I will speak with the Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput at the beginning of the show, and will continue to keep a close eye on the proceedings and of course the man who emerges as the new pope. My column yesterday in the Washington Examiner discussed the Conclave as does this one, and as will many future columns in both places.

Hugh Hewitt

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