Frank Turek

Joe Biden recently asked why his Democrat Party isn’t seen as the “Party of God.”   He then went on to answer his own question with this stunning observation: it’s because Democrats are “uncomfortable talking about God.”  If they would only talk more about God, their party would be seen as the “Party of God.”

            So if Bill Clinton had only talked more about monogamy, most voters would have thought he was the model husband?

This is one of the major problems of liberalism—it’s more about what you say than what you do. If you’re Joe Biden, as long as you talk about giving to the poor, you don’t actually have to do so yourself—you can give less than a tenth as much as the average American and then advocate that everyone pay higher taxes because it’s “patriotic” to do so.  If you’re Al Gore, as long as you talk about “saving the environment,” you don’t actually have to do anything yourself—you can have a “carbon footprint” twenty times larger than the average American.  And if you’re Barack Obama, as long as you talk about reducing the number of abortions, you don’t actually have to do anything to reduce them yourself. In fact, if Obama gets elected, he will do everything he can to increase abortions.

Since the media allows liberals to get away with this kind of hypocrisy, it’s no wonder Biden and the Democrats believe that as long as they talk about God, they don’t actually have to do anything He says. This is exactly the kind of hypocrisy Jesus warned us about.  He saved his sternest rebuke for the religious politicians of his day (the Pharisees) who talked a good game but whose hearts were far from God. 

I don’t know the hearts of Obama, Biden or their fellow Democrats, but Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits.”  And by their fruits, it’s no wonder the Democrats are not seen as the “Party of God.”  The positions they advocate are diametrically opposed to the Bible, “Nature’s Law” (the basis of the Declaration of Independence), and the convictions of most religious people.  

Frank Turek

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