Doug French

The right instructor can change a student's life. I know. It happened to me. Looking through the course catalog at UNLV years ago, I noticed the class "EC 742 — History of Economic Thought. Instructor: Rothbard." I didn't know who Murray Rothbard was. I hadn't ever heard of Austrian economics. I didn't know what a libertarian was. I was in my late 20s but hadn't thought much about my worldview at all.

I asked a fellow student about the course, and he urged me not to take the class with Rothbard. "He's a kook," said the student, providing the worst advice in academic history. "Take the class independent study." He then suggested one of the many Keynesian instructors at UNLV.

I decided to take EC 742 with Rothbard anyway and my life was changed forever. My eyes were opened. The lightbulb was turned on. I was struck by Rothbard's Austrian lightning.

Most of my classes at UNLV were very forgettable, but classes with Rothbard changed my mindset. He made me understand that peace and prosperity can only come from free markets and liberty. It is a message that will save the world.

Although Murray is no longer with us, his colleagues and students are here to pass his wisdom on to a whole new generation of students each year at Mises University. "There exists nothing as comprehensive, learned, or world-class as Mises U," Amherst College's Gregory Campeau wrote about MU a couple years ago. "If taken seriously, it can be a life-changing week in your intellectual life."

A gift to fund Mises University is a gift that doesn't just educate the students who come to Auburn for an intense week of morning-to-night education; many of these students will go on to educate hundreds and in some cases thousands of students themselves. Students you will never meet but who, because of your gift, will be educated about the benefits of a free economy and free society instead of learning the same old Keynesian claptrap. Your generosity is leveraged many times over in the advancement of freedom.

The importance of Mises University has never been greater.

The mainstream financial press calls this the worst economic recovery in history. Bernanke's Fed and the Obama administration have thrown everything at the economy but the kitchen sink, and even the phony government numbers are punk. GDP grew 3 percent in 2010, 1.7 percent in 2011, and 2012 doesn't look any better. Millions are unemployed and many more millions have given up. Uncle Sam provides groceries for 46 million Americans.

Doug French

Doug French is is president of the Mises Institute and author of Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Money Supply and Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Ownership Myth

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