Susan Stamper Brown

Democrats have only one goal to accomplish between now and the 2014 elections: To paint Republicans as the bad guys. In doing so, they'll win the 2014 elections, gain control of the House of Representatives, and as President Reagan once said, the rest of us will be spending "our sunset years telling our children...what it once was like in America when men were free."

Democrats are off to a good start; great, really. They, along with their willing accomplices in the media, propagated a lie by suggesting Republicans are responsible for the partial government shutdown. So far, it has worked and Democrats are hoping to cash that check on election night next year.

Unable to help himself, Obama held a victory press conference and used the opportunity to belittle the Republican Party over "manufactured crises" and "repeated brinkmanship" to "undermine our economy." If you missed the speech, you can read it online at:

So, here's truth: The president's and his party's own brinkmanship is responsible for the shutdown because they refused to compromise. According to USA Today, during an October 3 appearance in Rockville, Maryland, Obama threatened the U.S. might default on its debt: "As reckless as a government shutdown economic shutdown that results from default would be dramatically worse... Default would be the result if Congress does not increase the debt ceiling by October 17."

He also hurled threat bombs that the U.S. "would see its credit rating drop;" interest rates would rise which would "curb economic activity across the world;" we'd see "falling pensions and home values and rising interest rates on things like mortgages and student loans...putting us back into a bad recession..."

The toothless lion roared and then the stock markets tanked.

So why did he do it? Because he thinks it'll help his party win, and because the Republican establishment makes for an easy target. Obama is like the kid in the back of the class with a gas problem. Then, when everyone notices the smell, succeeds in blaming it on the innocent kid two rows over. There is a stench rising over Washington and Obama simply points in the direction of the GOP and smiles.

During his October 17 speech, Obama said Republicans' actions caused: "more damage to America's credibility in the world" which "encouraged our enemies...emboldened our competitors, and...depressed our friends..." In reality, Democrats' actions caused these things to happen and no one called them out on it.

Susan Stamper Brown

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