Sat, Jan 14, 2012

John C. Goodman | January 14, 2012

There are two conservatives for every liberal in America. That's the message of a recent David Brooks column as well as a Gallup survey. I think the imbalance is much starker. I would guess there are four conservatives for every liberal. Maybe even more.

Diana West | January 14, 2012

Granted, it's not civil palace etiquette or, more important, U.S. military doctrine to urinate on battle-killed enemy fighters -- in this case, three dead Taliban in Afghanistan. But could we just move on?

Matt Barber | January 14, 2012

I grew up in Denver and am admittedly biased. I’m a Denver Broncos fanatic. In the Mile High City, the Broncos are more than just a football team; they’re an institution.

Maggie Gallagher | January 14, 2012

Lost in the political shuffle in New Hampshire was an epic U.S. Supreme Court decision this week in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Lincoln Brown | January 14, 2012

As a liberal I had been raised to believe that the military was an evil entity; and that the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star Spangled Banner and the virtue of love of God and country was something reserved for people less intellectually advanced than I and people like me.

George Friedman | January 14, 2012

Iran must also consider that military history is rife with examples of past behavior being used as a cover for offensive action. And with the USS George Washington (CVN-73) stationed in Yokosuka, Japan (about a week’s sail from the region), Iran must objectively consider the raw military capability at its doorstep.

Bob Beauprez | January 14, 2012

Anyone who has been paying just a little bit of attention has known for some time that at the rapid rate the debt was increasing it was destined to exceed the GDP.

Lincoln Brown | January 14, 2012

Hatch’s support of TARP, Medicare Part D, his 16 votes to raise the debt ceiling, and a host of other votes that conservatives despise has led to a primary in Utah.

Jeff Carter | January 14, 2012

Bill Daley leaving the Obama administration was big news for ten minutes. But this really signals a big change in direction on how Obama will campaign.

Carl Horowitz | January 14, 2012

Occupy Wall Street and dozens of offshoot groups have proven far more adept at moral theater than policymaking. Yet their operative assumption – economic inequality is reaching crisis proportions – has become the coin of a wider realm. Governments, beginning with our own, thus must “do something.” President Obama, for one, is listening – and acting.

Karen Lugo | January 14, 2012

Muneer Awad, who filed the lawsuit against Oklahoma’s attempted ban on sharia law, says that he thinks judges can and should follow directives like those in his will - to “look to Islamic precepts in situations where Awad’s wishes aren’t clear.”

Steve Deace | January 14, 2012

The Palmetto State is known as a bastion for American conservatism. If that reputation is well-deserved, then South Carolinians will do their civic duty and reject Mitt Romney – the candidate that repudiates everything conservatism is supposed to stand for – in their crucial primary on January 21st.

Bill Tatro | January 14, 2012

Imagine, if you will, the Green Bay Packers playing the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Mark Calabria | January 14, 2012

There is the possibility that Congress lacks the authority to regulate non-bank financials, such as payday lenders, in the manner envisioned by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), as created by the Dodd-Frank Act.

Tad DeHaven | January 14, 2012

The article is a perfect example of the difficulty advocates for limited government face in communicating their ideas through the mainstream press.

Fri, Jan 13, 2012

Rich Galen | January 13, 2012

This is the first of an occasional series of what I am calling "Obama's America."

Donald Lambro | January 13, 2012

You don't hear much about President Obama these days in the national news media because he isn't making very much news.

Mary Crookston | January 13, 2012

Senator Jim DeMint’s timely new book, “Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse” is a detailed game plan for regaining economic stability. The ‘now’ is imminent: the 2012 elections.

Michelle Malkin | January 13, 2012

With public attention focused on the GOP primaries, the White House quietly promoted another self-dealing lobbyist to serve as President Obama's top domestic policy adviser. Promises? What broken promises?

Brent Bozell | January 13, 2012

It was symbolically perfect that on the same day Hollywood went to the Supreme Court to make the case for broadcast profanity, Entertainment Weekly reported that the next showing of the ABC smutcom "Modern Family" would feature a two-year-old girl dropping the F-bomb. The episode's title will be "Little Bo Bleep."

Jonah Goldberg | January 13, 2012

One thing is clear: At best, Mitt Romney is a work in progress.

David Limbaugh | January 13, 2012

On this we can agree with President Obama: Everything he stands for is at stake in 2012. Obama told 500 fawning sycophants in Chicago that he is unrepentant about his policy agenda and intends to treat us to more of the same, much more, in a second term.

Mona Charen | January 13, 2012

Most people have heard that Obamacare is being challenged as unconstitutional because it contains an individual mandate forcing people to purchase health insurance. That challenge is due to be heard by the Supreme Court this year. But while the mandate is certainly problematic in a system that, at least notionally, is one of limited and enumerated powers, the mandate is not the worst part of this bill -- not by a long shot.

Tony Katz | January 13, 2012

Much of what people find objectionable about presidential candidate Ron Paul isn’t his policies or principles; it’s his followers.

Oliver North | January 13, 2012

Our so-called mainstream media have launched a new anti-military feeding frenzy. The furor is over a crude 39-second video showing four Marines apparently urinating on the bodies of three dead Taliban combatants.

Pat Buchanan | January 13, 2012

Last May, Ron Paul filed his financial disclosure form, and The Wall Street Journal enlisted financial analyst William Bernstein to scrutinize his investments.

Suzanne Fields | January 13, 2012

Mitt Romney is learning what candidates before him learned. Small mistakes count, but usually not for much. But big ones can put a man down for the count.

Linda Chavez | January 13, 2012

It's bad enough when Democrats start playing class warfare, but when Republican presidential contenders begin using phrases like "vulture capitalism," it's time to be really worried.

John Ransom | January 13, 2012

Underlying the weakness in the economy is a smaller workforce that can not produce what a bigger workforce can. Duh. Does a Harvard degree make you that much smarter than the rest of us that you can’t understand that a smaller workforce means a smaller economy? Yes, apparently.

Steven Aden | January 13, 2012

Apart from a return to free market-based economics in DC, it seems one of the most lucrative things a CEO in need of job could do is pursue a position with one of Planned Parenthood’s 81 affiliates. After all, CEOs in those positions pulled in an average salary of $158,797 last year.

John Hanlon | January 13, 2012

“We shall stand on principle or we will not stand at all,” Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep) states late in the new film, “The Iron Lady.” The movie- which explores the life of the masterful former prime minister of England—attempts to show the conservative politician in both her glory and in her latter years. In doing so, it successfully portrays Thatcher’s political successes but stumbles along the way by focusing too much on her health after her tenure as prime minister.

Paul Tracy | January 13, 2012

More investors are putting their trust in these stocks, which I like to call "lifetime income generators."

Mark Baisley | January 13, 2012

After treating the Iranian fishermen to medical attention, supplying them with food and liquids sufficient for their return trip to Iran, the American sailors sent the Al Molai on its way. All 13 fishermen were sporting a USS Kidd ball cap as they sailed toward home.

Larry Kudlow | January 13, 2012

Huntsman, former governor of Utah and U.S. ambassador to China, said Romney is making himself “completely unelectable” when he makes statements like the one he made earlier Monday about firing people.

Stewart Scott | January 13, 2012

The UAV threat was hardly the only factor, but consider how Osama bin Laden's communiques declined from comparatively regular and timely videos to rare audiotapes.

Jeff Carter | January 13, 2012

Stymied by banks in the last couple of years to grow their business through new innovation, exchanges are being forced back into the consolidation market.

Chris Edwards | January 13, 2012

Average federal worker wages rose 1.3 percent in 2011, or slightly more than the 1.2 percent increase in average private wages despite a wage "freeze."

Thu, Jan 12, 2012

Paul Greenberg | January 12, 2012

There were no surprises in the New Hampshire presidential primary. The voting results followed expectations and the polls.

Cliff May | January 12, 2012

It’s funny, in an Orwellian way, that in Europe there are now militant groups with such cutesy names as Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4Holland.

Paul Greenberg | January 12, 2012

It is that time again, mixing mourning and gratitude, to mark the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. And now we can gather at his still new memorial in Washington.

Humberto Fontova | January 12, 2012

The top act at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week featured Mercedes Benz’ Chairman Dieter Zetsche peddling his company’s new gadgetry under a huge picture of Che Guevara, who sported the Mercedes logo on his beret.

Benjamin Bull | January 12, 2012

While we sit in our soft chairs watching big screen TVs and complaining that microwave popcorn takes too long to cook, activists backing the homosexual agenda relentlessly march on. Availing themselves of avenues that are notably left of center, both culturally and politically, they incrementally pursue and secure special treatment under the guise of “rights” and “equality.”

Hugh Hewitt | January 12, 2012

Rick Perry is giving up and isn't going home, and some folks in South Carolina have noticed.

Michael Barone | January 12, 2012

To win just under 40 percent of the vote in a primary with five active candidates is pretty impressive, even for a candidate like Mitt Romney, who started off with significant advantages in New Hampshire.

Victor Davis Hanson | January 12, 2012

President Obama just ordered massive cutbacks in defense spending, eventually to total some $500 billion. There is plenty of fat in a Pentagon budget that grew after 9/11, but such slashing goes way too far.

Larry Elder | January 12, 2012

Why aren't the Hispanic advocacy groups up in arms? Rubio symbolizes the wrong kind of Hispanic -- an anti-amnesty, pro-legal immigration Republican conservative who refuses to play the role of oppressed victicrat.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | January 12, 2012

What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey?

Salena Zito | January 12, 2012

"The measure of a life is the people you love," Mitt Romney says, describing what family means to him. "This is a big part of the family I love."

Michael Reagan | January 12, 2012

Mr. President: Do you really think you are riding high with the rate of unemployment standing at a whopping 8.5 percent?

Cal Thomas | January 12, 2012

Even fair-minded liberals, of which there must be a few, should acknowledge that the Saturday-Sunday "blitz" of the Republican presidential candidates by ABC and NBC correspondents looked like a play designed by the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | January 12, 2012

Part of the joy of a presidential campaign is visiting different parts of the country. This past week was New Hampshire week. I've been to New Hampshire about a half-dozen times. It's a beautiful state. Mountains, ocean, beautiful forests and normally snow this time of year. However, we were snowless.

Matt Towery | January 12, 2012

The presidential nomination usually goes to the individual who wants it the most. Gingrich is now acting and spending like he really wants the job. But Romney has been doing the same for four years. The real question is whether a guy who got his act together in the 11th hour can defeat a man who has been ready for years. The answer will come in a real, live big primary ... South Carolina.

Emmett Tyrrell | January 12, 2012

I have officially called off my boycott of the National Football League. I do not care how many felons or frotteurs play the game. Now there is Tim Tebow to redeem it.

Steve Chapman | January 12, 2012

The Republican presidential race now moves from New Hampshire to South Carolina, but it's really taking place in an upside-down Lake Wobegon -- where all the men are homely, all the women are weak and all the candidates are below average.

David Sterman | January 12, 2012

I've been thinking about this in recent days as U.S. stocks start to percolate while European economies slip into a clear-cut recession. The near-term is crucial. The S&P 500 has near-term resistance at around 1,285, and we're back near this level, which was last seen in late October.

Rachel Alexander | January 12, 2012

Finally, an issue both Republicans and Democrats can agree upon, halting the practice of exempting Congress from ethical laws that apply to the rest of us. But instead, our elected members of Congress are ignoring their partisan differences and uniting together against the wishes of constituents of both parties.

Bill Tatro | January 12, 2012

If you think about the comforting feeling that history and tradition gives to people, it’s not such a far stretch to understand why the treasury market is performing the way it is.

Lincoln Brown | January 12, 2012

The Presumptive Rominee will in fact be Rominated and will draft Condoleezza Rice as a running mate

George Friedman | January 12, 2012

As in most affairs like this, those who know don't talk; those who talk don't know.

Ron Meyer | January 12, 2012

The jobs and internships being advertised already exist in the private sector, and the only real change is that the Obama administration will stop prosecuting private companies for offering unpaid internships.

Wed, Jan 11, 2012

Ann Coulter | January 11, 2012

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney got into trouble for saying, "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me." To comprehend why the political class reacted as if Romney had just praised Hitler, you must understand that his critics live in a world in which no one can ever be fired -- a world known as "the government."

Paul Greenberg | January 11, 2012

Who says Occupy Wall Street hasn't accomplished something specific?

Michael Whatley | January 11, 2012

By now, anyone watching the political debates over the Keystone XL pipeline is aware of the massive misinformation campaign that opponents of the project have used to delay that critical project.

Frank Gaffney | January 11, 2012

Listening to Barack Obama laying out what he calls his new defense strategy, my first reaction was, "Here we go again." Having basically written off the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr. Obama is falling prey to a temptation several of his predecessors found irresistible in peacetime: Cut defense expenditures. Shrink the military. And hope the rest of the world will neither notice nor take advantage of our weakness.

Frank Gaffney | January 11, 2012

Statement by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President of the Center for Security Policy, concerning the 10th Circuit Court’s ruling on the amendment to the Oklahoma State Constitution concerning shariah.

Ben Shapiro | January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney is an enormous squish. On the squish scale, he falls somewhere between Jabba the Hut and Slimer from Ghostbusters. He can't be trusted on conservative philosophy, and he can't be trusted to act as a principled conservative while in office. And that may be the best thing for the conservative movement.

Rich Galen | January 11, 2012

Winning, in our culture, means coming in first. You don't win by coming in second or fifth. You win by coming in first.

Jeff Jacoby | January 11, 2012

For anyone gauging the Republican presidential contest, this week's most significant poll results weren't the ones tabulated in New Hampshire last night. They were the ones released by Gallup yesterday morning.

Marvin Olasky | January 11, 2012

Looking ahead at the next bubble to burst: higher education. Costs keep going up at traditional four-year colleges, in part because—with the notable exception of some Christian colleges and a few others that are student-oriented—professors do not make teaching their prime activity.

Susan Stamper Brown | January 11, 2012

Freedom is a two-edged sword, in that it grants us the opportunity to destroy our own destiny should we make wrong choices. But it doesn't have to be that way, should we choose to learn from others' mistakes.

Michelle Malkin | January 11, 2012

Michael Corleone said to "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." But what, pray tell, do we do with our frenemies? This is the awful election-year quandary of movement conservatives. And everything you need to know about our heartache can be summed up in one image: 2008 presidential election loser John McCain and Mitt Romney together on the campaign trail.

John Stossel | January 11, 2012

It's election season, and so once again people look for heroes. Is Ron Paul one? Maybe. He's fought a long, lonely battle to limit the power of government. As government grows, I yearn for champions of freedom who fight back. Rep. Paul has done that.

Walter E. Williams | January 11, 2012

Last week's column started off asking: "What human motivation gets the most wonderful things done?" The answer is that human greed is what gets wonderful things done. I wasn't talking about fraud, theft, dishonesty, special privileges from government or other forms of despicable behavior. I was talking about people trying to get as much as they can for themselves.

Brent Bozell | January 11, 2012

Sitting through the Republican debate on Saturday night with ABCs George Stephanopoulos was just painful, from beginning to end. Some of it was just political Ambien. But when it was finally over, there was just one question: Who in the GOP in his or her right mind invites a historically shameless Democratic spin controller like Stephanopoulos to "moderate" a primary debate like this -- ever?

Mike Adams | January 11, 2012

Thanks for writing to me. I also want to take a moment to thank you for sending an email to one of my Marxist bosses urging my censure for a recent column that I wrote.

Jonah Goldberg | January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney is the most improbable of presidential candidates: a weak juggernaut.

Michael Medved | January 11, 2012

The results from Iowa and New Hampshire bring good news and better news for the Republican Party and its prospects for November.

Terry Jeffrey | January 11, 2012

Why did the Democrats run Bob Casey Jr. in Pennsylvania in 2006 against Sen. Rick Santorum?

John Ransom | January 11, 2012

If the American Dream is slipping away, though, the only replacement Obama has offered the country is the lush verbiage from the book Dreams from My Father, a mish-mash of circular logic, an American Oblomov, superfluous, inert and self-absorbed- the inverse actually of the American Dream.

Austin Bay | January 11, 2012

President Barack Obama's new American defense strategy doesn't look so new. His election-slanted Defense Strategic Guidance manifesto sounds more than a bit like Donald Rumsfeld-era chatter circa summer 2001. Aircraft, ships, smart weapons and intelligence systems? Yea, verily. Ground troops? Not so much, because we're done with Clinton-era peacekeeping, we'll save money (soldiers are expensive!) -- and hear this, Luddites, it's the 21st century.

Donald Lambro | January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney is taking a lot of heat from his Republican rivals, who question just how successful he has really been in turning small businesses into major job-creating enterprises.

Romney and his partners raised the capital they used to invest from private investors, and their success with Staples provided them with additional resources to invest in other entrepreneurs to expand their enterprises.

Jacob Sullum | January 11, 2012

My daughters, who range in age from 5 to 18, watch TV programs and movies on DVDs, on smart phones, streaming from Netflix through our Wii, on video websites, on our DVR and on demand from AT&T U-verse. They do not know or care what "broadcast television" is, and they certainly do not perceive a categorical distinction between "over-the-air" channels and the rest.

Rich Tucker | January 11, 2012

If we are to believe Mayan lore and a recent John Cusack movie, the world will end in 2012. But even if it doesn’t there are plenty of people set to declare that if humanity manages to survive the year, the United States won’t last the decade as the planet’s dominant economic and military power.

Mark Calabria | January 11, 2012

The President’s own attempt at being clever, by trying to gain another year of service for his nominations, may be what ultimately dooms said nominations.

Bill Tatro | January 11, 2012

With bipartisan support, anyone who is merely suspected of being a sympathizer just had the Constitution taken away.

Larry Kudlow | January 11, 2012

The Ryan-Romney relationship is a very important one. Ryan has not endorsed anyone in the presidential race so far. But Romney has endorsed the Ryan budget (as has Huntsman).

Brian and Garrett Fahy | January 11, 2012

The Republican nomination process, presently venued in New Hampshire, comes during a perilous chapter in the nation’s foreign policy. Iraq appears poised to come apart at the sectarian seams and Iran has, in the same week, thanked the U.S. for rescuing its sailors from Somali pirates, threatened to execute an Iranian-American former U.S. Marine it suspects is a CIA spy, and threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if the EU embargoes Iranian oil.

Ken Connor | January 11, 2012

In politics, as with many competitive enterprises, frontrunners love to promote the myth of inevitability. Having squeaked out the narrowest of wins in Iowa and now polling favorably in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney is attempting to capitalize on the notion that his nomination is inevitable.

John Hanlon | January 11, 2012

Many celebrities in Hollywood use the platform that fame provides to promote their favored political causes and candidates. From Sean Penn to Matt Damon to Jane Fonda, famed actors and actresses—who are oftentimes on the extreme left of the political spectrum-- use their power and influence to support their personal ideologies. Roma Downey is different.

Bob Beauprez | January 11, 2012

The escalation of tension in the Gulf is clearly a reaction to the recently signed legislation by Barack Obama that requires the President to impose strict sanctions on Iran’s central bank hoping the economic pain will convince the regime to abandon their nuclear program.

Ralph Benko | January 11, 2012

The game of Political Musical Chairs seems to be propelling Jon Huntsman toward outperforming expectations in New Hampshire. The Wall Street Journal’s rhapsody that his economic growth plan is “Better than anything so far from the GOP presidential field” may move more Granite Staters than expected.

Marybeth Hicks | January 11, 2012

Just how frustrated are American parents with the leftist Kool Aid being passed off as curriculum in our nation’s public schools?

Jeff Carter | January 11, 2012

I have been busy doing a million things this year so far that don’t put in cash in my back pocket but do give me a lot of good information. Here are some odds and ends that I have gleaned from a lot of different conversations I have had with people.

David Harsanyi | January 11, 2012

Yes, it's true that unlike some Republicans, Democrats don't "enjoy firing people." They enjoy "investing" your money in exploding electric vehicles, bullet trains and other highly unprofitable but morally satisfying economic misadventures. Venture socialism is certainly empathetic.

Tue, Jan 10, 2012

Crista Huff | January 10, 2012

Wall St. projects the company to grow earnings per share (EPS) of 13% in 2012 and 14% in 2013. The 2012 price earnings ratio (PE) is 16.2 and the dividend yield is 1.89%. The latest earnings report in late October 2011 beat analysts' expectations.

Rachel Marsden | January 10, 2012

Two items have recently burst onto the media scene: a movie called "The Iron Lady" about one of the greatest women in history -- former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher -- and a growing European recall of breast implants in danger of exploding. I wonder what the former would say about the latter.

Robert Knight | January 10, 2012

Well, the Obama Administration just topped that by essentially declaring the U.S. Constitution "inoperative." Staff | January 10, 2012

Just before Christmas, a New Jersey hospital finally agreed that it will no longer force its nurses to assist with any abortion related services. The settlement concluded an emotional battle between the hospital’s administration and 12 pro-life nurses, who objected to the procedures on religious and moral grounds.

John Hawkins | January 10, 2012

Conservatism is more relevant than ever to American life, but much of the conservative movement has grown complacent, lazy, rigid, and out-of-touch. Too many conservatives went to D.C. to make a difference and hung around to make a few bucks.

Thomas Sowell | January 10, 2012

The news that Eastman Kodak is preparing to file for bankruptcy, after being the leading photographic company in the world for more than a hundred years, truly marks the end of an era.

Byron York | January 10, 2012

Is New Hampshire too white, too old and too godless to play a key role in selecting the next president?

Chuck Norris | January 10, 2012

Whom should we nominate to represent the GOP in a fight against President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election?

David Limbaugh | January 10, 2012

We've been dealing with liberal media bias for years, but George Stephanopoulos' performance in the Republican presidential debate Saturday night in New Hampshire was particularly egregious.

Mona Charen | January 10, 2012

At the 757th Republican debate over the weekend, Newt Gingrich zinged Mitt Romney for attempting to portray his decision to forego a re-election race in Massachusetts as reluctance to become a lifetime politician.

Cal Thomas | January 10, 2012

When the Republican presidential candidates tire of bashing each other, perhaps they will start addressing the expansion of radical Islam. Only Rick Santorum raised the issue in last Saturday's debate in New Hampshire.

Dennis Prager | January 10, 2012

Only a fool believes that all those with whom he differs are bad people. Moreover, just about all of us live the reality -- often within our own family -- of knowing good and loving people with whom we strongly differ on political, religious, social and economic issues.

Pat Buchanan | January 10, 2012

There still exists a possibility that, come Jan. 20, 2013, we could have a Republican Senate and House, and a Republican president.

Michael Gerson | January 10, 2012

It is commonly argued that Mitt Romney has benefited from a weak Republican field, which is true. And that the attacks of his opponents have been late and diffuse. True, and true.

John Ransom | January 10, 2012

The Daleys made quite a life for themselves in Illinois peddling influence on both the right and the left, making sure everyone- Democrats and Republicans and “legitimate” businessmen who just happened to own garbage trucks, parking meters and the occasional, hidden, video poker machine- got their share.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | January 10, 2012

Much political noise has been made about providing grants and/or loans for higher education. For minorities, these programs are seen as invitations for full participation in the American system.

Phyllis Schlafly | January 10, 2012

It was bad enough when President Obama bamboozled Congress into passing a stimulus bill that didn't produce any jobs, then increased the federal deficit in the 2012 omnibus spending bill, then raised the debt ceiling, then bailed out the big U.S. banks, then tried to bail out his pal Solyndra in an attempt to save it from bankruptcy, and then appointed a jobs czar who only creates jobs in China.

Bill Murchison | January 10, 2012

The New York Times' Bill Keller wants Hillary Clinton to replace Joe Biden on the Obama re-election ticket, but a better, likelier choice by far is available -- one Newton Leroy Gingrich.

Jeff Carter | January 10, 2012

In America, we need to learn to learn how to appropriately deal with failure. That doesn’t mean we celebrate it. It does mean we encourage people to go out into the world and take calculated risks to try and create businesses that make society more productive.

Larry Kudlow | January 10, 2012

A new video from Scott Hodge, president of the Tax Foundation, shows how our current "worldwide" tax system of taxing foreign profits is a toll charge for investing cash back in the U.S.

Bill Tatro | January 10, 2012

Regrettably, neither Bernanke, nor Jintao told Chinese citizens that housing is not immune from business cycles.

Bob Beauprez | January 10, 2012

Simply put, millions of Americans are still so disillusioned, disappointed, and disgusted that they aren’t even trying to get a job. When adjusted for the abnormally low participation rate, unemployment is more like 11.5%.

David Sterman | January 10, 2012

Here are four key trends that may dominate the upcoming conference call season.

Carrie Lukas | January 10, 2012

"N.J. Gas Station Workers Cheated Out of Pay to Get $1M in Back Wages.” That was a headline in the New Jersey Star-Ledger. It's a classic tale of big, bad business trying to stick it to the little guy. And this time, the little guy prevailed with help of crack law enforcement

Mon, Jan 09, 2012

Paul Greenberg | January 09, 2012

After what seemed an eternity of debates, the New Hampshire primary has whirred into life. Like a great creaky old grandfather clock striking the hour -- a reminder not only of passing time but that the grand old thing still has life in it.

Jeff Jacoby | January 09, 2012

Mitt Romney has been thought for months to have the New Hampshire primary in the bag. But one vote he didn't have locked up until Wednesday was that of Steve Rowe, a Vietnam-era veteran who spent much of the 1970s aboard the USS Saratoga, a US Navy supercarrier.

Crystal Wright | January 09, 2012

Nothing is “inevitable in life,” how long we’re going to live or who is going to capture the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. The media and so called Republican establishment’s incessant castigation of conservative voters who dare not support Romney as “Anyone but Romney” is insulting and only serves to intensify these conservatives dislike and distrust of Romney more.

Humberto Fontova | January 09, 2012

January 7, 1959, marks a milestone in U.S. diplomatic history. Never before had the State Department extended diplomatic recognition to a Latin American government as QUICKLY as they bestowed this benediction on Fidel Castro’s that day.

Fred Wszolek | January 09, 2012

President sacrifices jobs for payback.

Michael Brown | January 09, 2012

Responses to my January 2nd article “Why Are Ron Paul’s Followers So Touchy?” prompted me to look more closely at Dr. Paul’s position on Israel, and what I found raised some serious red flags, especially his “concentration camp” remarks made on Iran’s state-run PressTV in January, 2009.

Armstrong Williams | January 09, 2012

Why are young voters so attracted to Ron Paul?

Michael Barone | January 09, 2012

A presidential campaign exposes candidates' strengths and weaknesses. The strengths they're eager to tell you about. So let's look at the weaknesses.

Star Parker | January 09, 2012

Rick Santorum must be “racist” because he thinks all people, regardless of ethnicity, should have the dignity of self sufficiency. At least that’s how the NAACP sees it.

Katie Kieffer | January 09, 2012

Conservative talking heads like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh often poke fun at President Obama’s penchant for running the country from the golf course. Yet, ironically, their snobbish treatment of independents is teeing Obama up for another four years of putt-putt presidency.

Lurita Doan | January 09, 2012

With a dismal record of achievement and forced to accept the bitter harvest of their failed economic and foreign policies, no one should be surprised that Team Obama and the Democrats in Congress are running scared. Nor are the Democrats’ fears irrational.

Bruce Bialosky | January 09, 2012

To even write a column with this title risks being classified as someone out of touch with average Americans. Nevertheless, I’m confident in my conviction on this issue; and, furthermore, it is clear evidence – as if we needed any more – that this President will say or do whatever is necessary to stay in power.

John Ransom | January 09, 2012

Being a good investor, Americans seem to think, doesn’t necessarily make for being a good public servant. That feeling has likely been aided by Solynda, MF Global, TARP, Soros, Buffet, GE, etc. Voters think for the good of the country, Wall Street and Washington ought to be separated- now more than ever.

Dan Holler | January 09, 2012

Pretty much everyone has weighed in on President Obama’s so-called “recess” appointments, and there is widespread agreement amongst conservative legal experts that the move was blatantly unconstitutional; nothing more than a brazen political power grab.

Mark Calabria | January 09, 2012

Constitutional overreach comes at a cost, and in a nation split roughly evenly on Red/Blue ideological lines, that cost could make all the difference.

Chris Poindexter | January 09, 2012

When we talk about gold prices going up, we are, at least in some sense, really saying that the value of paper currency has gone down. Or, perhaps more accurately, that people have lost faith in paper currency.

Crista Huff | January 09, 2012

During the last decade, the stock price rose from the second Gulf War lows of $12 to a high of $46 in April 2007 before falling again to a low of $5 with the 2008 Financial Meltdown.

Michael F. Cannon | January 09, 2012

In a word, government is stupid. As if to prove the point, the Obama administration—despite its rhetoric about getting tough on fraud—is behaving pretty much as I predicted.

Jeff Carter | January 09, 2012

Really, all you have to do is buy low, sell high and do it enough times and the money is easy. Stocks or futures move all over the place every day.

Sun, Jan 08, 2012

Paul Tracy | January 08, 2012

The market's greatest stocks -- not the extremely risky plays that skyrocket and crash seemingly overnight -- take years to reach their full potential.

Crista Huff | January 08, 2012

Standard & Poor’s maintains a 4-Star Buy rating and a $65 12-month price target on the stock. S&P carries a risk assessment of “Medium.”

Doug Giles | January 08, 2012

In my world, if a violent altercation occurs between two humans, the innocent assaulted party should live, and if anybody has to die or get critically wounded, it should be the sadistic perpetrator.

Derek Hunter | January 08, 2012

President Barack Obama has a tough job. In between rounds of golf, fancy vacations, basketball games, workouts, sporting events, concerts in the White House, fundraisers, date nights and all the other things he loves for us to pay for him to do, he’s pledged he “will not rest until businesses are investing again and businesses are hiring again.” Staff | January 08, 2012

Everyone’s a pundit in a year like this one, and those who’ve long been talking about the upcoming election have heavily debated whether 2012 will be similar to 1980.

Salena Zito | January 08, 2012

The Granite State shares more than the early-voting spotlight with caucus-cousin Iowa. Its love affair with Barack Obama is in the same funk as is true in the Hawkeye State.

Austin Hill | January 08, 2012

As President Obama ramps-up his re-election bid, we’re hearing more than ever before about all the things he wants to give to our “children and grandchildren,” and the “middle class.”

Debra J. Saunders | January 08, 2012

President Barack Obama is running for re-election with an unusual pitch: He can't work with others.

John Ransom | January 08, 2012

Liberals like to pretend that the oil industry is a profit machine. But there are 113 industries that outrank them in profitability, including those fat cats in candy making (100), Auto Parts Stores (97), Home Furnishings (95), Beverages- Soft Drinks (29) and Railroads (15). In fact, a gallon of milk at around $5.00 is more expensive than a gallon of gasoline.

Kevin McCullough | January 08, 2012

I don't know what happened between November of 2010 and January of 2012, but from the looks of things the Tea Party died.

Steve Chapman | January 08, 2012

Why is Rick Santorum running for president? Because America is in trouble and he knows why.

Peter Ferrara | January 08, 2012

But it's not just Gingrich and Romney. Virtually every Republican and conservative across America recognizes what is by now well established in the literature -- the government caused the financial crisis.

Bill Tatro | January 08, 2012

Today, we are supposed to believe the United States is decoupled from the rest of the world. For the past several years we were told by the pundits and so-called Wall Street experts to ignore the U.S., and focus on Brazil, Russia, India, and China (“the BRICs”). They said our future was in their hands.

Bob Beauprez | January 08, 2012

As the chart demonstrates, it wasn't until after a 1997 tax cut, passed by the Republican-led Congress, a tax cut "President Clinton resisted but eventually signed," Dubay notes, that things took off in a big way.

AWR Hawkins | January 08, 2012

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney beat Rick Santorum by eight votes in the Iowa caucus (maybe). Nervous Romney supporters, who had seen him down by over a hundred votes at different points in the night, were thrilled. Establishment Republicans were thrilled.

Mark Calabria | January 08, 2012

This is the guy who signs a bill allowing indefinite detention of American citizens after having campaigned on shutting down Guantanamo. Only a former constitutional law professor could be so creative with the Constitution.

Michael Youssef | January 08, 2012

On December 13, 2011, Michael Gerson posted “Gingrich’s Embrace of Shallow Ideas” on In this column, he blasted former Speaker Gingrich for his honest assessment of Sharia law, its implications in the West, in general, and the United States, in particular.

Larry Kudlow | January 08, 2012

Santorum is a typical “big government Republican” who is not really conservative, Paul told Larry Kudlow Wednesday.

Jeff Carter | January 08, 2012

The “compassionate conservatism” idea should be a thing of the past. It doesn’t work. Americans bought that line once, it won’t work again. Fiscal issues are the most important part of this election.

Marita Noon | January 08, 2012

In your 2010 book, No Apology, you state, “I believe that climate change is occurring… I also believe that human activity is a contributing factor… I believe the world is getting warmer… I believe that humans contribute to that…