Lincoln Brown

Admittedly I am writing this about 2 hours before the polls close in Iowa, for whatever that is worth. By the time this shows up on Town Hall, Iowa will be on the books and we can all start worrying about New Hampshire and then maybe John Hunstman will finally get some interesting press.

I’m still new to the pundit/columnist game, so I’ll leave it up to my more experienced brothers and sisters in the Commentariot to hash out the results. Except for Ron Paul supporters, no one, not even Ron Paul is predicting that he will assume the mantle of Commander-In-Chief in November. Be that as it may Romney and Perry and for that matter maybe even Rick Santorum would be wise to lend an ear to the Paulians.

Now please remember, friends, Romans and country men I come neither to bury or to praise Paul. I know, Paul has his baggage. His foreign policy for one, not to mention the literature he published, albeit did not pen. And I’m not in the Paul Camp. (For the record I like Santorum, but I liked Cain to and look where that got me.) But it is surprising me who is.  

In my part of flyover country, Paul has piqued the interest of many folks, from those on the extreme right to those left-leaning independents. And contrary to popular belief, those left-leaners are not interested in skewing the race for the sitting president.

Actually Paul for whatever crazy ideas he may represent in terms of foreign policy and publishing gaffes strikes a chord with more people than the GOP Regulars would like to admit. In fact I have had conversations with people who on one day have vociferously defended the Occupy Movement, and on a subsequent day vigorously support Ron Paul. I know for many of you, that does not compute. And for a while it didn’t for me, either.

I’ve talked to Paul supporters who are undeterred by his foreign policy and who are overlooking the anti-Israel, anti-black accusations in part because they can handily cite evidence to the contrary and also because as one listener told me Ron Paul is America First.

Lincoln Brown

Lincoln Brown is the Program Director at KVEL Radio in Vernal, Utah. He hosts “The Lincoln Brown Show” Mondays through Fridays from 8-9 AM.