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Many point to the fact that different Republican candidates have captured our fancy over the past few months as a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign of strength. Everyone is calling the field weak. Maybe it’s that there are a lot of facets to being President and actually we know that each and everyone of the candidates on the dais are better than the current occupant of the oval office. Republicans just want to let them macerate and pick the best one. The field may be stronger than the congnescenti think.

I haven’t picked a horse to back, but I know who I am a bit sour on for this run. Ace has laid out a compelling case for Perry. No matter who the Republicans pick, the Democratic media will accentuate his/her negative. No VP candidate will make up for that negative. Sarah Palin was picked to energize the type of conservative voter that has contributed to Rick Santorum’s recent rise in Iowa. Even her magnetic personality wasn’t enough to save McCain.

Ace writes, “the election will actually turn on… Jobs.”. I don’t disagree, this election is going to be all about economics vs Obamanomics. However, because of the American Idol format of the average person’s information gathering, one sound bite can make you look stupid.

At Red State, he shows some interesting facts about Perry,

-67 tax cuts for a total taxpayer savings of $14 billion.

-Fewer government employees per capita than when he took office.

-Perry has consistently scored a solid “B” rating from the Cato Institute on spending.

These are good stats. Romney can’t say that about his time in Massachusetts. Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman is the only other candidate with good economic stats. Huntsman blew it by insulting the Republican base and being positive on global warming. The other candidates were never executive office holders, so we don’t know how they lead. Obama had never served in an executive role either, anywhere. Leadership skill isn’t an arrow in the Obama quiver.

Again, I worry about debate gaffes, and Perry’s ability to respond to the lies Obama will spin. Perry isn’t a slow thinker. He is a considerate thinker. Some very great leaders that I have known in my time take a while to consider issues before they act on them. That’s often a very good quality. Being able to quip hyper quickly isn’t necessarily a sign of leadership even though at the time that person seems like the smartest person in the room.

Jeff Carter

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