Sun, Oct 04, 2009

Kevin McCullough | October 04, 2009

President Barack Obama is still just a lost boy at his age, and he searches for a world he wished existed.

Sat, Oct 03, 2009

Doug Giles | October 03, 2009

You know what’s weird? It’s weird that child advocacy groups (secular and religious) haven’t raised more hell regarding ACORN

Jillian Bandes | October 03, 2009

The all-star lineup of conservative speakers on the last day of the Americans for Prosperity Summit had one message in common: it's time to shake things up.

Pat Buchanan | October 03, 2009

Impending today are two of the most critical decisions Barack Obama will ever make, which may determine the fate of his presidency, as well as the future of the United States in the Near and Middle East.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | October 03, 2009

Among the $500 billion in Medicare cuts that will provide the bulk of the financing for Obama's health care plan is a $160 billion to $180 billion cut in the Medicare Advantage program, which offers a range of benefits not available to beneficiaries under basic Medicare.

David Harsanyi | October 03, 2009

There are a number of ideas in this world that never should be introduced to each other; "Christian" and "rock" are one example. "Movie" and "wholesome" are certainly another.

Jillian Bandes | October 03, 2009

“We were able to stop an inevitability.” That was the message on health care from Laura Ingraham at the Americans for Prosperity Summit on Friday night in Washington, D.C.

Fri, Oct 02, 2009

Rich Tucker | October 02, 2009

Around the house, leaks are a major problem. They can even lead to structural damage if they aren’t dealt with. The same is true in Washington, of course. But here, leaks can also be beneficial, getting out information that someone wanted to keep bottled up.

Nicole Neily | October 02, 2009

In the past few days, the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal have both highlighted the plight of Canadians denied coverage by the very health system that purports to save them.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | October 02, 2009

Barack Obama and sneaky congressional leaders don't want you to know what's in ObamaCare. They have made it clear that they will hide all the details from you.

Linda Chavez | October 02, 2009

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts hardly seems a likely setting for rampant sex discrimination in state hiring, but apparently the Obama administration doesn't agree.

Michelle Malkin | October 02, 2009

It's hard out there for a first lady of the United States. Take it from travel-weary Michelle Obama. On Tuesday night, she boarded a luxury 757 for Copenhagen. Think of the stairs she had to climb. Oh, the agony of the feet!

Brent Bozell | October 02, 2009

Morally bankrupt libertines in Hollywood and other artistic banana republics are rushing to Polanski's defense. Welcome to the world of Roman Polanski, Child Rapist/Victim.

Jonah Goldberg | October 02, 2009

I am delighted by the Roman Polanski controversy. Don't get me wrong: I am horrified and disgusted by what the acclaimed director did -- and admitted to -- but there is an upside.

David Limbaugh | October 02, 2009

The signature of Obama's (uppercase "D") Democrats is their systematic betrayal of (small "d") democratic principles. Just look at today's news for a flavor of their pattern of flagrantly ignoring the popular will to cram down our throats policies we clearly reject.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | October 02, 2009

What if your actions affected 1,000 other people? Would your behavior change? What if you did not even know the people affected — would that make a difference?

Oliver North | October 02, 2009

At the conclusion of the 1939 movie "Gone With the Wind," Vivien Leigh, playing Scarlett O'Hara, defers decision on what to do about the major crisis in her life with this sentence: "After all, tomorrow is another day." Unfortunately, the Obama White House seems to have adopted Scarlett's decision-making process for the war in Afghanistan. Note to the O-Team: Kabul isn't Tara -- and Americans are dying while the commander in chief dithers.

Suzanne Fields | October 02, 2009

Austin, age 13, is touching and familiar. With his helmet of short brown hair, biggish ears and sensitive eyes, he's typical of a tender age almost on the cusp of manhood. So little time behind him, so much time ahead of him. If he were Jewish, he might be preparing for his bar mitzvah, thanking his parents for giving him life, expressing his hopes to live up to the respect they place in him.

Michael Gerson | October 02, 2009

On June 7, 1981, Israeli F-15s and F-16s took off for the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq, after the pilots were emotionally briefed that "The alternative is our destruction."

Matt Towery | October 02, 2009

It's my genuine belief that when the ball in Times Square dropped and displayed the year "2000" nine years ago, something must have occurred to transform our nation and the world into a permanent version of "Alice in Wonderland."

Marvin Olasky | October 02, 2009

Some trends are so evident that even I can't miss them.

Charles Krauthammer | October 02, 2009

When France chides you for appeasement, you know you're scraping bottom. Just how low we've sunk was demonstrated by the Obama administration's satisfaction when Russia's president said of Iran, after meeting President Obama at the U.N., that "sanctions are seldom productive, but they are sometimes inevitable."

Thu, Oct 01, 2009

Mark Hillman | October 01, 2009

Say what you will about Bill Clinton's foreign policy shortcomings, but for the most part he had the good sense not to squander Ronald Reagan's legacy of peace through strength.

Paul Greenberg | October 01, 2009

"Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow, endangering the global nonproliferation regime, denying its own people access to the opportunity they deserve, and threatening the stability and security of the region and the world."

Robert Knight | October 01, 2009

Here’s a bulletin based on an unscientific survey and verified by friends: Obama stickers are getting harder to spot. That’s right. The ubiquitous blue stickers with the round, red-white-and blue symbol are coming off the bumpers.

Cliff May | October 01, 2009

In 1981, Israeli leaders sent bombers to destroy Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor at Osirak. Rafael Eitan, then Israel's Army Chief of Staff, is said to have explained the motivation succinctly: "The alternative is our destruction."

Ross Mackenzie | October 01, 2009

S'funny in this hour of Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, and Iraq that perhaps nothing tells us quite so much about the incumbent D.C. administration as its behavior regarding Honduras.

Guy Benson | October 01, 2009

How would I explain the Polanski “controversy” to an innocent young person who might be confused why anyone would be defending Polanski—let alone Hollywood celebrities and foreign dignitaries? This is my imperfect attempt.

Michael Barone | October 01, 2009

As the Democrats try to force through legislation, some Democrats wonder whether their congressional leaders and the president who has deferred to them have sought only limited changes rather than more fundamental reform on both health insurance and carbon emissions.

Larry Elder | October 01, 2009

Close your eyes, and pretend it's still the George W. Bush administration.

Cal Thomas | October 01, 2009

Remember the four Chinese Uighur released from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay? They were flown to Bermuda where they now reside under conditions that are better than any they might have imagined.

Debra J. Saunders | October 01, 2009

On Tuesday, Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year-old Afghan immigrant who was a teenager in Queens during the Sept. 11 attacks, pleaded not guilty to federal terrorism conspiracy charges in New York.

Emmett Tyrrell | October 01, 2009

Boone Pickens likes to call it a "game changer," and the game he has in mind is a big one: the game for our global energy security.

Steve Chapman | October 01, 2009

If Shakespeare had ever written a play about Afghanistan, it would have been a tragedy, not a comedy. For the United States, Afghanistan has been one tragedy after another, with more looming ahead.

George Will | October 01, 2009

"Plateau in Temperatures Adds Difficulty to Task Of Reaching a Solution"

Wed, Sep 30, 2009

Ann Coulter | September 30, 2009

In much of Europe, babies born before 26 weeks' gestation are not considered "live births."

Jillian Bandes | September 30, 2009

A rally to promote school choice shook D.C.’s Upper Senate Park on Wednesday after President Obama and the U.S. Congress announced plans to axe the program for the upcoming school year.

Sandy Rios | September 30, 2009

Those were just some of the expressions of exasperation seen on signs in August as hundreds of thousands of American citizens marched on Washington.

Michael Reagan | September 30, 2009

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, President Obama's personal choice to lead U.S. and coalition forces and operations in Afghanistan, has officially made a request for between 30,000 and 40,000 additional troops.

Michelle Malkin | September 30, 2009

When government officials play the Olympic lottery, taxpayers lose. That has been the disastrous experience of host cities around the world. So, why are President Obama and his White House entourage headed to Copenhagen, Denmark, this week to push a fiscally doomed Chicago 2016 bid? Political payback.

John Stossel | September 30, 2009

This Friday, September's job-loss total will be announced. Whatever the numbers, administration officials surely will tell us that life is better -- because of them.

Walter E. Williams | September 30, 2009

Former president Jimmy Carter said, "I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man."

Brent Bozell | September 30, 2009

Radical-left protesters outside the G-20 summit meeting in Pittsburgh last week underlined once again that our friends in the news media see no real enemy or extremist to their left.

Jonah Goldberg | September 30, 2009

If it's sincere, I welcome Obama's willingness to rethink his position on an issue in which he invested so much political capital and machismo.

Tony Blankley | September 30, 2009

The president will have to place a heavy bet at odds barely better than a gambler would get on even or odd at the roulette table.

Michael Medved | September 30, 2009

One of the nation's most thoughtful, influential liberals recently conceded in a New York Times book review that Democratic plans for health care reform could well wreck the U.S. economy.

Michael Gerson | September 30, 2009

As President Obama approaches a decision on the way forward in Afghanistan -- the most historically consequential choice of his presidency so far -- military leaders seem impressed with his decision-making process.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | September 30, 2009

While all eyes were on the rantings of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the United Nations, the United States -- under President Obama -- was surrendering its economic sovereignty at the G-20 summit.

Ben Shapiro | September 30, 2009

President Obama is not a communist, although he certainly has a soft spot for communists ranging from Van Jones to Frank Marshall Davis. Obama is, however, a devotee of the Marxist philosophy of politics: permanent change. Or, in his case, permanent campaigning on change.

Terry Jeffrey | September 30, 2009

Should doctors and hospitals be required by the federal government to maintain a national network of electronic health records for every individual in America that indicates, for example, whether that individual has had an abortion, a sexually transmitted disease, a mental illness or a drug problem?

David Harsanyi | September 30, 2009

can be irritating -- especially your children. That is why the notion of a school year extending 12 months is not completely revolting. But alas, the government is not a baby-sitting service. Not yet. Let's hope not ever.

Austin Bay | September 30, 2009

Sudan's genocidal Darfur war still attracts international attention, and though large battles pitting national government troops against Darfur rebels are less frequent there, violent anarchy still afflicts that sad region.

Jillian Bandes | September 30, 2009

The public option was excised out of the Senate Finance Committee’s health care legislation just two days after the conclusion of a massive two-month effort from religious groups that lobbied for the controversial provision.

Jacob Sullum | September 30, 2009

Does "Conan the Barbarian" have serious artistic value? That's one of the intriguing questions raised by a case the U.S. Supreme Court will hear next Tuesday.

Ed Feulner | September 30, 2009

During the Cold War, the United States deliberately stationed troops on the front lines facing the Soviet Union and its satellites. The message was clear: America stands with Europe against its most dangerous enemies.

Rachel Ehrenfeld | September 30, 2009

Americans writers' free expression is under attack by foreign courts.

Marybeth Hicks | September 30, 2009

According to news reports, students in the Indian Creek High School marching band were permitted by director Donald Llewellyn to choose the music for this year’s halftime show. They chose Britney Spears.

Tue, Sep 29, 2009

Paul Kengor | September 29, 2009

As someone who teaches and writes about international politics, I can confidently say that last week was one of the strangest in memory, from the G-20 circus in my backyard (Pittsburgh) to the political zoo at the United Nations. President Obama, of course, was front and center, including with a major speech at the United Nations.

Donald Lambro | September 29, 2009

Recent polls not only show that a clear majority of voters disapprove of his government-run entitlement plan; they show that key groups who make up that majority -- seniors and independents -- are now moving away from the Democrats and toward Republicans in the 2010 election cycle.

Paul Greenberg | September 29, 2009

There must still be places like the all-night cafes and cafeterias I remember on the Lower East side, where students could sit till all hours nursing a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of tea -- a glesele tay, to lapse into my childhood Yiddish -- while solving all the problems of the world, or maybe just stirring them up.

Roger Schlesinger | September 29, 2009

When I was a young man graduating from college, more years ago than I choose to admit, I interviewed with various prospective employers. I remember the International Business Machine (IBM) recruiter telling me that the number one earner was (can you guess?) the typewriter ribbon sales man. I'm glad I didn't pursue a career in ribbon sales.

Rebecca Hagelin | September 29, 2009

The ugly face of female oppression is all around us. But the source might surprise you.

John Hawkins | September 29, 2009

Because Barack Obama voted "present" on the health care bill by refusing to submit his own bill, Americans have been left with a number of different bills in Congress to evaluate.

Thomas Sowell | September 29, 2009

Many people, including some conservatives, have been very impressed with how brainy the president and his advisers are. But that is not quite as reassuring as it might seem.

Chuck Norris | September 29, 2009

Though our society often denigrates the teen years and expects very little from our young people, I believe there exists a latent power in this particular generation that waits to be awakened and reveal its full potential.

David Limbaugh | September 29, 2009

Polite conservatives grow nervous when their less inhibited brethren suggest that President Barack Obama does not feel warm and fuzzy when contemplating pre-Obama-inauguration America.

Mona Charen | September 29, 2009

Well, that's one way to look at it. Writing in Haaretz, Orna Coussin praised Yom Kippur (the Jewish Day of Atonement that began Sunday night and ended Monday night) as the ultimate green holiday.

Cal Thomas | September 29, 2009

If you are an enemy of America seeking her destruction, you would add to your pursuit of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons the undermining of this nation from within.

Dennis Prager | September 29, 2009

My mother, Hilda Prager, died 10 days ago. Because she has consumed my thoughts since then, I thought I would share some of them with my readers.

Pat Buchanan | September 29, 2009

That Iran is building a secret underground facility near the holy city of Qom, under custody of the Revolutionary Guard -- too small to be a production center for nuclear fuel, but just right for the enrichment of uranium to weapons grade -- is grounds for concern, but not panic.

Terry Paulson | September 29, 2009

Representative Joe Wilson came under fire for his "You lie!" outburst during President Obama's address on healthcare reform to a joint session of Congress. Although he has apologized for the remark, could it be that Wilson, like a growing number of Americans, continues to be concerned that an unworkable and expensive healthcare plan is being pushed through the halls of Congress at breakneck speed.

Debra J. Saunders | September 29, 2009

Our Betters in Europe, of course, are outraged that Switzerland arrested and may allow the extradition of film director Roman Polanski, 76, a fugitive from California justice after he pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old in 1977.

Phyllis Schlafly | September 29, 2009

Red alert to parents: If you send your children to a public school, they may be secretly indoctrinated in the cult of Obama-worship. If that's not your plan for your children, you had better act now, before it's too late.

Bill Murchison | September 29, 2009

George W. Bush got banged up badly for his foreign policy choices: Iraq, Guantanamo, "torture," a certain tonal disdain for critics foreign and domestic. It will be interesting to see, in a matter of weeks or possibly days, how his successor, Barack Obama, fares with the critics.

Mon, Sep 28, 2009

Karin Agness | September 28, 2009

According to the United States General Social Survey, women’s overall level of happiness has dropped since 1972.

Ashley Herzog | September 28, 2009

On the eve of the French Revolution, the aristocrats inhabiting the palace of Versailles enjoyed, “as an ironic lark, sporting the clothing of the working classes,” according to writer Charles Stenson.

Allen Hunt | September 28, 2009

I will now do something I have never done before: defend Muslim-Americans as they gather on Capitol Hill to pray as a public demonstration.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | September 28, 2009

The plight of the poor has been a major bone of contention in the healthcare debate for months now. The morality of various approaches has also been hotly debated from all sides of the political universe – left, right, and middle.

Ken Connor | September 28, 2009

There's an old adage popular among lawyers: If your case is weak on the law, pound the facts. If it's weak on the facts, pound the law. If your case is weak on the facts and the law, pound the table.

Michael Barone | September 28, 2009

"It is my deeply held belief," Barack Obama told the United Nations General Assembly, that "in the year 2009 -- more than at any point in human history -- the interests of nations and peoples are shared."

Mike Adams | September 28, 2009

Hello Barry. I’ve decided to write you a few questions in response to the unsolicited emails I keep getting from Since most of your form emails concern health care I’ll confine most of my questions to one health-related subject: Abortion.

Caroline Glick | September 28, 2009

If Zbigniew Brzezinski had his way, the US would go to war against Israel to defend Iran's nuclear installations.

Joseph C. Phillips | September 28, 2009

It is good that the President has ceased attempting to sell his public option health care initiative on the strength of a comparison to the United States Postal Service.

Bruce Bialosky | September 28, 2009

Irving Kristol, a giant of the 20th century, left us this past week. “Mugged by reality” was his famous description of his personal journey from socialist to liberal to godfather of the neo-conservative movement.

Star Parker | September 28, 2009

Huckabee is singular in staking out principled and courageous stands badly needed today.

Sun, Sep 27, 2009

David Stokes | September 27, 2009

President Barack Obama’s visit to the United Nations this past week, complete with a major address and some quality time with a gavel, was yet another step in the process of seizing a much sought after role.

Salena Zito | September 27, 2009

Green is the new black – for chic environmentalists and eco-intellectuals, that is. Yet the “green” movement also has the potential, in the form of a climate and energy bill, of being even more divisive than the health-care debate.

Ken Blackwell | September 27, 2009

What Carter achieved at Camp David is not replicable today. That’s because the Israelis in 1978 did not want to occupy Sinai. They agreed that it was an unnecessary that it did not materially contribute to their security.

Austin Hill | September 27, 2009

I dared to question, and even criticize the policies of our President – yes, America's "First Black President" – so, therefore, I was declared to be a "racist."

Steve Chapman | September 27, 2009

At least since 1994, when seven tobacco executives testified before Congress that they didn't think cigarettes were addictive, the public has not put great trust in those who sell carcinogens for a living. What Americans may not realize is that they also shouldn't believe the people who are supposed to protect us from tobacco. When it comes to cigarettes, the federal government can blow smoke with the best of them.

George Will | September 27, 2009

Florida, a geological afterthought, was the last portion of what are now the lower 48 states to emerge from the ocean, and it emerged halfheartedly: Its highest point is just 345 feet above sea level.

Kevin McCullough | September 27, 2009

In recent days, a handful of the president's supporters garnered large headlines. Each of them have one thing in common.

Paul Jacob | September 27, 2009

Yeah, I’m as worried about incivility as the next father of three. But, let’s be realistic: There are worse things than impolite politicians.