Sun, Jan 25, 2009

Kevin McCullough | January 25, 2009

In the historic week that fulfilled the dream of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, the worst instincts possible from within America’s black community rained down foolishness upon America.

Sat, Jan 24, 2009

Phil Harris | January 24, 2009

Throughout the ages, a single question hangs on the face of mankind like a hairy wart on the end of the nose. Each of us will live our lives, raise our children, and then lay down to die with this question asked, but never answered.

Michael Barone | January 24, 2009

Last Tuesday, for the 22nd time in 220 years, Americans saw the peaceful post-election transfer of power from one political party to another.

Wayne Winegarden | January 24, 2009

Now in power, President Obama and the democratic Congress are moving with great haste to spend an additional $850 billion of taxpayers’ hard-earned money (perhaps more) on top of the nearly $1 trillion that the government has already thrown at the current economic crisis, which not coincidentally, was also allocated in great haste.

Fri, Jan 23, 2009

Brent Bozell | January 23, 2009

arack Obama's inauguration was an enormous magnet for the stars of stage, screen, TV and radio, the celebrity-stuffed culmination of the goals of the Sixties' civil rights movement.

Dan Gainor | January 23, 2009

According to President-elect Barack Obama’s latest radio address, this will be “the most open and accessible inauguration in history.”

Matt Barber | January 23, 2009

Well, the high-sheen veneer and cult-of-personality euphoria surrounding America's new oratory endowed president looks to be dissolving rather quickly.

Rich Tucker | January 23, 2009

It’s possible that, after he plowed his ship into an iceberg, Captain Edward John Smith of the RMS Titanic paused to worry if he’d remembered to unplug the coffee maker. But it’s not likely.

Marvin Olasky | January 23, 2009

As the Bush administration ended, reporters who credited or discredited me with developing "compassionate conservatism" asked for an assessment.

Amanda Carpenter | January 23, 2009

An upbeat Sarah Palin congratulated her state for tightening its belt during their past years of prosperity and asked them to sacrifice a little more in the year ahead in her annual State of the State address Thursday evening.

Kathryn Lopez | January 23, 2009

Barack Obama is, all apologies to Toni Morrison and Bill Clinton, our first black president. But what that will mean has yet to be determined; how Obama's unique position will resonate in the real world will be entirely up to him.

Jonah Goldberg | January 23, 2009

During the hothouse days of the presidential campaign, Joe Wurzelbacher became famous because he got Barack Obama to confess that he likes to spread the wealth around.

Paul Greenberg | January 23, 2009

It took years of wrangling, negotiation, rebuffs and reconsiderations, majority and minority opinions, and general bad feelings.

John McCaslin | January 23, 2009

Doing the math, Rep. Virginia Foxx, North Carolina Republican, figures the Democrats' proposed economic stimulus package would spend $275,000 per job in creating or saving 3 million jobs.

Michelle Malkin | January 23, 2009

Get this: King of Pork John Murtha, the 19-term Democratic congressman from western Pennsylvania, now wants to welcome a flood of Guantanamo Bay jihadists into his district.

David Limbaugh | January 23, 2009

Leftists are always lecturing Republicans and conservatives on the importance of civility and bipartisanship yet revealing, whether winner or losing, that they are the ones who need lessons in manners and collegiality.

Mona Charen | January 23, 2009

Obama has never actually offered anything that was new -- except himself. And nothing in his inaugural address clarified where this fresh personality wants to take the country.

Oliver North | January 23, 2009

Now that the festivities are over, it is time for the masters of the media to stop asking inane questions of the new folks in town -- such as, "How do you like your new office?" -- and for the Obama administration to get down to work on a clear and present danger.

Michael Gerson | January 23, 2009

If the outcome had been different in November, would John McCain's inaugural coverage have been quite as worshipful as President Obama's -- during which the "shiver" up the leg of journalists finally became full-fledged convulsions?

Suzanne Fields | January 23, 2009

In with the new, out with the old. In with the Democrats, out with the Republicans. In with Obamaphoria, out with the relentless Bushbash.

David Harsanyi | January 23, 2009

Yes, the Oscar nominations are here, and America simply can't afford to stand idly by anymore.

Linda Chavez | January 23, 2009

President Obama is learning it is a lot easier to reverse unpopular positions of his predecessor than it is to come up with better ones of his own.

Donald Lambro | January 23, 2009

It's going to take a lot longer than almost anyone thinks for the Obama administration to get the $825 billion stimulus money into the economy. Don't believe me? Read the Congressional Budget Office's recent analysis of the Democrats' plan.

Ed Feulner | January 23, 2009

As the country’s first black commander-in-chief, Obama has already made history. He’s our president -- our only president until 2013 -- and all Americans should wish him well.

Charles Krauthammer | January 23, 2009

Fascinating speech. It was so rhetorically flat, so lacking in rhythm and cadence, one almost has to believe he did it on purpose. Best not to dazzle on Opening Day.

Burt Prelutsky | January 23, 2009

I have written with an air of despondency about the bleak future I see for conservatism in America. For one thing, Obama won the election by capturing the votes of virtually every demographic group imaginabe.

Mike Gallagher | January 23, 2009

The Obama Inauguration featured one of the most vicious displays of racism imaginable, another fact barely covered by the liberal, Obama-worshipping news media

Pat Buchanan | January 23, 2009

With a host of near 2 million gathered on the Mall to see him sworn in, Barack Obama delivered an inaugural that was the antithesis of a rallying cry for the "it's-our-turn!" faithful assembled below.

Matt Towery | January 23, 2009

I'm already weary of members of the Republican Party and other conservatives doing little else but throwing rocks at the new Obama administration.

Thu, Jan 22, 2009

Karin Agness | January 22, 2009

The Obama Campaign dominated college campuses this fall. There is no way around that. At my own campus, the University of Virginia, seeing Obama paraphernalia on my way to class became as common as seeing North Face fleeces.

Thomas Sowell | January 22, 2009

If making speeches is one of the tests of a President of the United States, then Barack Obama has passed his first test with flying colors. He has understood the varied constituencies, and the various hopes and fears he had to address. He said the kinds of things that all these constituencies wanted to hear.

Paul Edwards | January 22, 2009

President Bush leaves Washington the way he came in. You may recall that on January 20, 2001—the day of George W. Bush’s first Inaugural—the Bush team entered their offices at the White House for the first time to discover that Clinton staffers had trashed them, going so far as to remove all of the “W’s” from their computers.

Horace Cooper | January 22, 2009

Many Americans are familiar with the admonition that they should beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. However, it is getting increasingly difficult to tell who the wolves are and who the sheep are.

Paul Kengor | January 22, 2009

Watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama, I was impressed by the graciousness and civility by the two presidents at the platform during the transition.

Bill Steigerwald | January 22, 2009

California has apparently turned itself into Pennsylvania.

Diana West | January 22, 2009

A question for Obama becomes, how does he maintain a national state of lightly constrained but motivating hysteria? Talking about it helps, as he did on Inauguration Day.

Amanda Carpenter | January 22, 2009

Norm Coleman has found a day job to pay the bills until it’s determined he’ll be able to keep his U.S. Senate seat or not.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 22, 2009

Obama's strategy is to hide inside the Trojan Horse of stimulus an army of radical measures to change America permanently.

Andrew Tallman | January 22, 2009

Today is the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling which essentially decriminalized abortion for our entire country.

John McCaslin | January 22, 2009

Who in the National Cathedral's pews, President Obama and former President Bill Clinton included, wasn't stirred by Wednesday's National Prayer Service rendition of “Amazing Grace” by Wintley Augustus Phipps?

Cliff May | January 22, 2009

Too many people refuse to understand: Hamas is not fighting for a Palestinian state. Hamas is fighting for the annihilation of Israel which it would replace with an Islamic emirate.

Brent Bozell | January 22, 2009

Walking the freezing streets of Washington, D.C., at 5 a.m. on the morning of the inauguration, you could already feel the excitement.

Larry Elder | January 22, 2009

Many historians long ago called the Bush administration a failure. President Obama's actions suggest that he now holds a different view, if only privately.

Debra J. Saunders | January 22, 2009

I keep waiting for that moment when Barack Obama -- President Obama -- tells the American people that there is a price to be paid for the many proposals he has offered. That moment has yet to come.

Ross Mackenzie | January 22, 2009

Before they recede too far into the rear-view mirror, quotations sublime and ridiculous from the political game . . .

Ken Blackwell | January 22, 2009

Now that the Inauguration has ended, it’s time to govern.

Emmett Tyrrell | January 22, 2009

There is a vexed brouhaha going on between two of my favorite conservatives, Rush Limbaugh and Sen. Tom Coburn of the great state of Oklahoma.

Steve Chapman | January 22, 2009

We all know how we got into this economic mess. We spent too much, borrowed with abandon and acted like the bills would never come due.

Wed, Jan 21, 2009

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | January 21, 2009

The media have been hesitant to show the pattern of close Obama associates involved in scandal.

Brett Joshpe | January 21, 2009

After digesting our new President’s inauguration speech for a full 24 hours, I am still struck by several remarks.

Rachel Alexander | January 21, 2009

First it was Barack Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright. Now it’s Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson.

Michael Reagan | January 21, 2009

The bottom line is that the new president's widely anticipated inaugural address, which beforehand was widely touted to be another stunning example of exalted oratory, just plain fell flat.

Amanda Carpenter | January 21, 2009

Michael Steele has given Townhall an exclusive copy of the online communications plan he’s pitching to RNC members.

Ann Coulter | January 21, 2009

It will not be easy for President B. Hussein Obama. More than half the country voted for him, and yet our newspapers are brimming with snippy remarks at every little aspect of his inauguration.

Marybeth Hicks | January 21, 2009

My task as I teach my children about my values and beliefs is to demonstrate my respect for the person of the presidency while also explaining how and why I disagree with him.

Michael Medved | January 21, 2009

First, the good news about the speech

Dennis Prager | January 21, 2009

The night Barack Obama won the election, he gave one of the most inspiring victory addresses I ever heard. The day Barack Obama was inaugurated president of the United States, he gave one of the least inspiring inaugural addresses I have ever heard.

Wynton Hall | January 21, 2009

Clichéd, surprisingly dull, naive, and memorable only insofar as it was forgettable.

Walter E. Williams | January 21, 2009

President Obama can be forgiven for celebrating the hypocrisy of Abraham Lincoln because the victors of wars write their history and glorify the winners.

Thomas Sowell | January 21, 2009

If making speeches is one of the tests of a President of the United States, then Barack Obama has passed his first test with flying colors.

Tony Blankley | January 21, 2009

Finding wisdom on the question of economic stimulus may be Washington's most important task in generations -- short of major war decisions.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 21, 2009

2009-2010 will rank with 1913-1914, 1933-1936, 1964-1965 and 1981-1982 as years that will permanently change our government, politics and lives.

Terry Jeffrey | January 21, 2009

In monarchies, kings and queens use the first person plural. They are "we."

David Harsanyi | January 21, 2009

Do all Americans truly have a yearning to fundamentally "remake" our nation?

Donald Lambro | January 21, 2009

President Obama will receive a huge deficit-reducing windfall in a few years when the U.S. Treasury recoups about $500 billion from its investment stake in the $700 billon economic bailout.

George Will | January 21, 2009

Obama's unprecedented power derives from the astonishing events of the last four months that have made indistinct the line between public and private sectors.

Jonah Goldberg | January 21, 2009

It only follows that George Bush's America is also Barack Obama's America, and vice versa. That's an important lesson not only for foreign observers but for domestic partisans.

Ben Shapiro | January 21, 2009

President Barack Obama’s inaugural speech was supposed to be one of the great inaugural addresses of all time. It was supposed to encourage us, to inspire us. Instead, it deflated us.

Michelle Malkin | January 21, 2009

Wake up, taxpayers: This nearly $1 trillion plan is nothing but future-mortgaging ornaments and tinsel boxed in self-delusion.

Michael Gerson | January 21, 2009

Reviewing inaugural speeches is a tricky business. Immediate impressions can be spot on.

John Stossel | January 21, 2009

This week the Left arrived in Washington, excited about the wonderful things it will do to us -- I mean, for us. They always do it for us.

Austin Bay | January 21, 2009

Any direct comparison between Mexico and Pakistan is a huge stretch.

Jacob Sullum | January 21, 2009

Seven years ago, the Pentagon began imprisoning men it described as "very hard cases," "the worst of the worst" among terrorists in American custody, at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Kathleen Parker | January 21, 2009

It is the curse of the journalist always to be present, but never really There.

Tue, Jan 20, 2009

Cal Thomas | January 20, 2009

What surprised me most about Obama's speech was its lack of passion.

Debra J. Saunders | January 20, 2009

The downside: Bush was stingy with the gift of mercy

Hugh Hewitt | January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address was much more than a speech, however satisfying and moving it may have been for hundreds of millions of Americans and others across the globe.

Paul Greenberg | January 20, 2009

In this entirely too open society, a citizen is expected not only to believe but broadcast those beliefs

Roger Schlesinger | January 20, 2009

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now under the government and as we know the government is good at one thing: taxing all of us. Therefore you must realize that we have new charges for these loans.

John McCaslin | January 20, 2009

It would take the average U.S. household 57,598 years to produce a carbon footprint equal to that of the new President's housewarming party.

John Hawkins | January 20, 2009

Modern liberalism shows remarkably little concern for freedom, democracy, and the will of the people if it's not politically expedient.

Thomas Sowell | January 20, 2009

Behind the housing boom and bust was one of those alluring but undefined phrases that are so popular in politics-- "affordable housing."

Mona Charen | January 20, 2009

I did not vote for the man who today becomes the 44th president of the United States, and in fact, advocated for his opponent. But I am not immune to the happiness of those who did support him

Phyllis Schlafly | January 20, 2009

Faced with 24/7 Obamamania on the media, the 60 million Americans who did not vote for Barack Obama are wondering where we go from here.

Bill Murchison | January 20, 2009

What nobody is going to listen to during inauguration week is cynicism, or anything that savors thereof: the sound of pins pricking happy balloons, the minimizing tone of voice that says, "Ummm, HMMM, just you wait "

David Horowitz | January 20, 2009

How should conservatives think about these events?

Joel Mowbray | January 20, 2009

No one should—and no historian will—forget his many blunders that helped plunge Iraq into the chaos that is barely behind us, but Bush boldly chose a path mocked by opponents and not entirely embraced by supporters.

David Limbaugh | January 20, 2009

It's going to take real courage the next four years for Republicans to swim against the tide and oppose Barack Obama -- in whom so many have placed their hopes, almost to the point of idolatry.

Chuck Norris | January 20, 2009

With the 20-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln gazing from the Lincoln Memorial across the National Mall, I wondered, what would the Civil War president think about Barack Obama being sworn in as America's 44th president?

Pat Buchanan | January 20, 2009

As President Barack Obama delivers his inaugural address to a nation filled with anticipation and hope, the vital signs of the loyal opposition appear worse than worrisome.

Mon, Jan 19, 2009

Bill Steigerwald | January 19, 2009

Ted Sorensen will be paying special attention to Barack Obama's inaugural address on Tuesday.

Larry Kudlow | January 19, 2009

On the eve of Barack Obama’s inaugural speech, with a tough economic downturn and the ongoing threat from global terrorism, perhaps it is useful to recall Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address, delivered on January 20, 1981.

John McCaslin | January 19, 2009

Toasting the Inauguration in style.

Guy Benson | January 19, 2009

President Bush will leave office on Tuesday, and precious few people will miss him. But I will.

William Rusher | January 19, 2009

Just recently, there were no fewer than three vacancies in the U.S. Senate -- New York, Illinois and Minnesota -- which is a lot.

Burt Prelutsky | January 19, 2009

When you start adding up what it costs the typical taxpayer to keep councilmen, aldermen, mayors, assemblymen, state senators, governors, congressmen, U.S. senators and the president -- not to mention their legions of secretaries, assistants, consultants, pollsters and assorted mistresses -- clothed, housed, fed and pensioned, the colonists were getting off dirt cheap.

Star Parker | January 19, 2009

It's ironic that Barack Obama chooses to infuse these opening days of his presidency with the imagery of Abraham Lincoln.

Brian Birdnow | January 19, 2009

When attempting to gauge the current Republican drift it is useful to employ a certain historical perspective.

Terry Paulson | January 19, 2009

There is an often quoted letter that is used to illustrate how people resist change and the creative destruction that free-enterprise can create. Enjoy this letter for the historical perspective it provides.

Janice Shaw Crouse | January 19, 2009

I am looking forward to hearing what our next president, Barack Obama, will say in his inaugural address.

Karin Agness | January 19, 2009

On Jan. 20, 2005, George Bush was sworn in as president of the United States. On Jan. 20, 2009, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. The University of Virginia decided to suspend classes on only one of these important days. Can you guess which one?

Mike Adams | January 19, 2009

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the 13th General Conference of the National Association of Scholars in Washington, D.C.

Sun, Jan 18, 2009

Nathan Tabor | January 18, 2009

This past week I read a public notice in USA Today that their editors were allowing people to write a message to President Barack Obama that would run in that newspaper's Inauguration Day edition.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | January 18, 2009

Although I don’t always agree with all of Barack Obama’s policies, politics, or philosophies; I must celebrate his unique place in history.

Debra J. Saunders | January 18, 2009

From the day President Bush took office, the long knives were out for him -- in ways they will not (and should not) be out for President-elect Barack Obama.

Steve Chapman | January 18, 2009

One reality of 21st-century religion is that many people treat the Ten Commandments as the Ten Suggestions, to be modified or ignored without penalty.

David Stokes | January 18, 2009

Sometime after the transition in January of 1969, President Richard Nixon asked his predecessor, Lyndon Johnson, how it felt the moment he knew he wasn’t president anymore.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | January 18, 2009

Two events this past week provide a strong comparison of how to handle a crisis: the heroic landing of the U.S. Airways jet on the Hudson River, and the release of more money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

George Will | January 18, 2009

Two years ago, Congress baldly asserted that discrimination continues to prevent "minority voters from fully participating in the electoral process."

Ken Connor | January 18, 2009

What is the future of the pro-life movement in our coming post-Republican political world?

Paul Jacob | January 18, 2009

The ability to advance a reasonable standard and stick to it impartially is disappearing. Even in sports.

Austin Hill | January 18, 2009

Troops doing nothing at the international border. Driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. Crime and punishment reduced to dollars and cents.

Doug Giles | January 18, 2009

I understand it when the idolatrous PETA people who worship jackrabbits over Jesus get their panties in a wad over hunting.

Salena Zito | January 18, 2009

Reports out of Nevada contend that homeboy and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s biggest problem is ... Harry Reid.