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"You could have fun with this," writes a well-known Washington figure who shall remain anonymous, forwarding word that John Berry, the National Zoo director since 2005, has reportedly accepted President-elect Barack Obama's offer to become the next director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Now, instead of caring for 2,400 zoo animals, many of them endangered species, Mr. Berry will care for hundreds of thousands of federal employees, many of them endangered species.


So the big question now is how to follow Barack Obama into the Oval Office?

If you don't get there by winning enough electoral votes, Katherine Cohen, CEO and founder of IvyWise, identifies the "Top Five Colleges to Attend if You Want to be in the President's Cabinet."

1. University of California, Berkeley: Alumni have presided over several Cabinet positions, most recently Steven Chu for the Department of Energy.

2. Yale and Georgetown (tie): Yale's Law School is famous for producing high-quality politicians and advisers; Georgetown's foreign services, business and law programs are similarly tailored for future politicos.

3. Indiana University: Big surprise, Indiana boasts four alumni in Cabinet positions since 2001.

4. University of Denver: No surprise for those in the business and political world. Condoleezza Rice remains the most famous alumna.

5. Harvard: More alumni in Cabinet positions than Yale, Princeton, Stanford and MIT combined.


Black Enterprise founder and publisher Earl G. Graves Sr. is pleased to point out that Barack Obama first appeared on the cover of his magazine in October 2004 as a relatively unknown politico running for the U.S. Senate.

The foretelling headline: "The Next Big Thing in Politics."

Still, Mr. Graves now admits, "Who among us -- especially those of my generation -- ever dared believe than an American of African heritage would ascend to the highest office in the land in our lifetime?"

The magazine endorsed Mr. Obama with a second cover in January 2008, well before the end of a divisive Democratic primary season. The candidate was back on the cover for a third time in November, next to a pre-election headline: "Yes We Must!"


"Elan: The Guide to Global Muslim Culture" has just published a special U.S. inaugural edition distributed throughout the United States and Muslim countries, including Pakistan.

Cover headline: "Muslim World Embraces Obama."

John McCaslin

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