Sat, Feb 23, 2008

Doug Giles | February 23, 2008

Anger might not make you glad as quickly as a second glass of merlot can, but if channeled correctly, it will make you giddy about something you desire but can’t get—until you get angry.

Michael Barone | February 23, 2008

Rising to claim victory in the Wisconsin Republican primary before the networks could declare Barack Obama the winner on the Democratic side, John McCain started right in on his general election opponent.

Diana West | February 23, 2008

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne Jr. thinks there's "something peculiar" about conservatives who turn "Islamic extremism into a mighty ideological force with the power to overrun the world."

Kathryn Lopez | February 23, 2008

Team McCain, despite its outreach problems even among the GOP's base, needn't despair. Obama, a senator in only his third year, can be beaten. If only McCain would try.

John Andrews | February 23, 2008

Though both Bill and Huck, by one of fate's oddest jokes, hail from Hope, Arkansas the Clintons have put the state far behind them with an identity makeover.

Wayne Winegarden | February 23, 2008

Bill Gates wants businesses to be more responsive to society’s greatest concerns. Mr. Gates faults capitalism for not caring about the world’s poor and disparages the “heartless” economic system.

Robert Novak | February 23, 2008

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland was reported expressing doubt to political colleagues about whether he could hold his state for Clinton.

Fri, Feb 22, 2008

Pat Buchanan | February 22, 2008

John McCain just shoved his whole stack into the middle of the table, and put his credibility and candidacy on the line.

Michael Gerson | February 22, 2008

I headed out to Ohio on the campaign trail with John McCain in order to gather a little local color -- and ended up bathed in neon rainbows.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | February 22, 2008

Barack Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, which he has attended since 1991, has some very unique and disturbing ideas and beliefs. It is a self-proclaimed Africentric Christian church, which means its members embrace their connection with Africa and its teachings are centered on all things African and African culture.

Rich Tucker | February 22, 2008

An interesting question for a conservative to wrestle with: What, indeed, does government do well? The only obvious answer is that it runs the U.S. military.

Jon Sanders | February 22, 2008

Upon reflection, it's no wonder Barack Obama is winning the Democrat nomination: he combines the hardcore statist ambitions of Hillary Clinton with the color-by-numbers rhetorical pablum of John Edwards.

John McCaslin | February 22, 2008

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England noted before the Washington Capitals hockey game Wednesday night that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates remains "on injured reserve" after slipping on an icy path near his home and injuring his shoulder.

Rich Galen | February 22, 2008

At about 8 PM Wednesday night, the New York Times posted what was supposed to be a blockbuster article about Sen. John McCain and his dealings with a female lobbyist.

Jonah Goldberg | February 22, 2008

McCain denies any wrongdoing, though for a man famous for his intemperateness, he was quite tempered in his denials.

John Hawkins | February 22, 2008

Since the Obamas’ patriotism is as thin as Barack's resume, maybe someone should take the time to explain to them why they should appreciate this country.

Brent Bozell | February 22, 2008

The Dove Foundation awarded 58 films with its seal of approval in 2007, in and of itself an encouraging sign for families who would like to see movies together.

David Limbaugh | February 22, 2008

Poor Hillary. She can't afford to attack Obama where he's vulnerable, but she can't afford not to. Even if she does, it's likely it won't resonate with a leftist base made to order for Obama.

Mona Charen | February 22, 2008

The Aegis class cruiser Lake Erie was pitching and rolling in heavy seas west of Hawaii on the night of Feb. 20. Her mission was to shoot down a disabled satellite that was tumbling toward the Earth's atmosphere.

Oliver North | February 22, 2008

Fidel Castro is finally on his way out. After nearly 50 years of bloody, iron-fisted rule, the world's longest-reigning dictator has announced that he's stepping down.

Matt Towery | February 22, 2008

The New York Times story that broke this week suggesting John McCain had an improper relationship with a lobbyist created questions that even most political experts might recognize.

Linda Chavez | February 22, 2008

Michelle Obama struck a raw nerve earlier this week when she suggested she had never been proud of her country until now. Conservative pundits and bloggers were quick to criticize Mrs. Obama.

Paul Greenberg | February 22, 2008

In another case of gross disregard for due process, a senior leader of Hezbollah was blown apart on a Damascus street last week without even a by-your-leave, let alone being read his Miranda rights.

Lorie Byrd | February 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s recent primary losses to Barack Obama may say as much about Democrats’ desires to be done with the Clintons as they do about the cult of personality that is Obama.

Charles Krauthammer | February 22, 2008

In May 2006 Cordesman had written that "no one can argue that the prospects for stability in Iraq are good." Now, however, there is simply no denying the remarkable improvements in Iraq since the surge began

Burt Prelutsky | February 22, 2008

For a long time, there has been a controversy brewing in America over whether or not to make English our official language. The arguments in favor seem overwhelmingly compelling to me.

Kathleen Parker | February 22, 2008

Reports of women weeping and swooning -- even of an audience applauding when The One cleared his proboscis (blew his nose for you mortals) -- have become frequent events in the heavenly realm of Obi-Wan Obama.

Douglas MacKinnon | February 22, 2008

As with small children, many of the entrenched, beholden, or power-hungry hierarchy of the Republican party, simply wish conservatives could be seen, but never heard.

Mike Gallagher | February 22, 2008

I have two sources, both of whom wish to remain anonymous, that report to me that New York Times Editor Bill Keller was spotted in a dumpster last weekend in the Hamptons snorting crack cocaine

Thu, Feb 21, 2008

Amanda Carpenter | February 21, 2008

Barack Obama laid out numerous liberal policies he would pursue if elected President and dodged a blow from Hillary Clinton in a critical Democratic presidential debate before the March 4th nominating contests in Ohio and Texas.

Amy Menefee | February 21, 2008

You know the presidential race is in full rhetorical swing when candidates are rallying people against a dangerous enemy of America. It’s time to play on the most basic of voters’ instincts: fear and hate.

Michael Reagan | February 21, 2008

If John McCain weren't such a trusting soul he would have wondered why The New York Times endorsed him.

Debra J. Saunders | February 21, 2008

One of two things will happen in the wake of Thursday's New York Times story that suggested John McCain may have had a "romantic" relationship nine years ago with a lobbyist who did business before the Senate Commerce Committee when he was chairman.

Marc Levin | February 21, 2008

Last January, the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) told Texas lawmakers the state would need 17,000 more prison beds by 2012, at a cost of $1.3 billion to build and $306 million per year to operate.

Paul Weyrich | February 21, 2008

As this column has noted repeatedly, much of the Federal bureaucracy continues to march to the beat of its own bloated drum. Wait, make that a union drum.

George Landrith | February 21, 2008

A malfunctioning spy satellite -- the size of a bus, weighing between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds, and carrying 1,000 pounds of highly toxic rocket propellent -- was falling back to earth.

John McCaslin | February 21, 2008

Does it surprise anybody that the latest word to enter the English language is 'obama' in its many variations?

Brent Bozell | February 21, 2008

"Fidel Castro Resigns." That's a fantastic headline, and should be cause for celebration. But just because the doddering dictator is stepping aside doesn't mean that Cuba's abandoning tyranny.

Amanda Carpenter | February 21, 2008

GOP presidential hopeful John McCain lashed out against the New York Times for publishing a front page story his campaign characterized as “gutter politcs” in a press conference Thursday morning.

Hugh Hewitt | February 21, 2008

McCain-Obama: Will the domestic campaign hold any surprises whatsoever? Or will only the backdrop from abroad change, and with it the election dynamic?

Victor Davis Hanson | February 21, 2008

The rhetoric of Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton about the sad state of America is reminiscent of the suspect populism of John Edwards, the millionaire lawyer who recently dropped out of the Democratic presidential race.

Larry Elder | February 21, 2008

MSNBC's David Shuster, sitting in for Tucker Carlson, criticized the use by Sen. Clinton of her daughter, Chelsea. Shuster said, "Doesn't it seem like Chelsea is being pimped out in some weird sort of way?"

Mike Adams | February 21, 2008

Several years ago, Dr. Ellerby was a leader in an organized feminist effort to stop the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders from visiting the campus of UNC-Wilmington. As I understand it, campus feminists were offended by the initial invitation of the busty Cowgirls.

Ken Blackwell | February 21, 2008

Senator Barack Obama recently gave us a disturbing foretaste of the contradictory doublespeak we could expect under an Obama presidency.

Cal Thomas | February 21, 2008

The Left's favorite dictator, Fidel Castro, is "resigning" as Cuba's president of the Council of State.

Suzanne Fields | February 21, 2008

If Hillary Clinton gets a starring role this year at the Gridiron dinner she should touch up the words of Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady."

Terry Jeffrey | February 21, 2008

In 1998, after investigating the Food and Drug Administration's procedures for inspecting foreign factories producing drugs for import into the United States, the Government Accountability Office told Congress the system put Americans at risk.

Donald Lambro | February 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton has a problem with Barack Obama's speaking skills, which outshine her own plodding, wonkish, technocratic speeches.

Rebecca Hagelin | February 21, 2008

Seen any liberals wearing black armbands lately? It wouldn’t surprise me. You see, it was 35 years ago this month that The Heritage Foundation opened its doors for the first time -- and the policy landscape was forever changed.

Robert Novak | February 21, 2008

Overwhelming repudiation of President Pervez Musharraf by Pakistan's voters did not immediately dilute the Bush administration's support for him.

George Will | February 21, 2008

Judging from complaints by her minions, Hillary Clinton considers it unfair that Barack Obama has been wafted close to the pinnacle of politics by an updraft from the continentwide swoon of millions of Democrats.

Emmett Tyrrell | February 21, 2008

There always has been something delusional about the Clintons' project to make Hillary this country's next commander in chief.

Wed, Feb 20, 2008

Ann Coulter | February 20, 2008

It is because of campaign-finance laws like McCain-Feingold that big men don't run for office anymore. Little men do. And John McCain is the head homunculus.

Robert Knight | February 20, 2008

Dear Abby, what have you come to?

Richard H. Collins | February 20, 2008

Everyone, with the possible exception of Mark Penn, must realize that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is hanging on the precipice.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | February 20, 2008

Congressmen and women who believe that they can ignore the expressed will of their districts’ constituents and vote with impunity for whomever they want for president at the Democratic Convention had better think again.

Michael Gerson | February 20, 2008

One of the most reckless and cruel acts of government is the destruction of a currency.

Matt Barber | February 20, 2008

If conventional wisdom holds true and John McCain ends up the last man standing in this year’s Republican primary, he’s going to have his work cut out for him in the general election.

Paul Weyrich | February 20, 2008

Few issues frustrate economic conservatives more than farm subsidies because of their extremely high cost to taxpayers and their role in keeping the price of commodities at artificially high levels.

Bob Burney | February 20, 2008

George Barna, the beloved Christian pollster, recently announced to the world in his book “Revolution” that the institutional church was dead. That was not a problem, however, because Barna also announced a “New Reformation”.

Larry Kudlow | February 20, 2008

Allow me a dose of hardened market realism concerning Barack Obama’s landslide victory in Wisconsin. The race is over. Hillary Clinton is over. Her electability is over.

Salena Zito | February 20, 2008

Black people who say Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama "is not black enough" likely are talking about his race-neutral campaign and not skin color, veteran civil rights leader Ron Daniels said Tuesday.

John McCaslin | February 20, 2008

Dictator Fidel Castro's announcement yesterday that he will not accept a new term in office means nothing for the future direction of Cuba, says a U.S. congressman who is the nephew of Mr. Castro's first wife.

Rich Galen | February 20, 2008

There appears to be a defense building in the Popular Press which holds that the original reporting of Mrs. Obama's statement left out the word "really" which, they believe, changes the meaning of the statement.

Maggie Gallagher | February 20, 2008

In New Jersey, the state Senate has twice voted to give adopted children access to their original birth certificates, that is, to the names of their biological mothers.

Michelle Malkin | February 20, 2008

Like Michelle Obama, I am a "woman of color." Like Michelle Obama, I am a working mother of two young children. Like Michelle Obama, I am a member of the 13th generation of Americans born since the founding of our great nation.

John Stossel | February 20, 2008

The presidential candidates have been repeatedly asked how they would "manage the economy." With the exception of Ron Paul, every candidate has accepted the premise that this is something the president of the United States should do.

Walter E. Williams | February 20, 2008

If we look to benefits only, we'll do darn near anything because there's always a benefit. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were 43,443 highway fatalities in 2005.

Mike Adams | February 20, 2008

I get a lot of hate mail, most of which is amusing. Seldom is it enlightening. An email I received from a fellow named Stewart provides a rare example of hate mail that is both amusing and enlightening.

David Limbaugh | February 20, 2008

Bigger-government Republicans don't seem fully to appreciate the extent to which the differences between conservative Republicans and liberals are about more than policy.

Tony Blankley | February 20, 2008

There is a joke going around Washington to the effect that Hillary is the senator from New York who was born in Illinois, while Obama is the senator from Illinois who was born in a manger.

Michael Medved | February 20, 2008

Despite an altogether unprecedented level of public apathy, on this Sunday night the Hollywood establishment will come together to participate in the granddaddy of all awards shows.

Ben Shapiro | February 20, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama's star appeal is causing physiological reactions in his supporters. Which is to say, they're fainting.

Austin Bay | February 20, 2008

Anti-Americanism energizes numerous dictatorships. Check the miserable roster. Iran's noxious mullahs have invoked the anti-American liturgy since 1979.

Paul Greenberg | February 20, 2008

Politics is a grand show, and this presidential campaign is shaping up as one of the grander. How the mighty have fallen, how those who were first have become last.

Bill Murchison | February 20, 2008

The Obama Express hurtles through the night, flattening skeptics and, with especial relish, Clintonites. But the Express's present fuel is going to run short once the campaign, not against Hillary, but against a generally united Republican Party, commences.

Jacob Sullum | February 20, 2008

A recent New York Times report suggests the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination misled the public about his history of drug use -- by making it seem more impressive than it really was.

Tue, Feb 19, 2008

W. Thomas Smith, Jr | February 19, 2008

For once, a major Western media outlet did the right thing by admitting its complicity in what is becoming a trend toward soft-soaping terrorists and their activities.

Larry Kudlow | February 19, 2008

Senator Barack Obama is very gloomy about America, and he’s aligning himself with the liberal wing of the Democratic party in hopes of coming to the nation’s rescue.

Paul Weyrich | February 19, 2008

Media pundits now have begun to predict that Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) will be the Democratic Presidential nominee. Some even have pronounced that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) is finished.

Janice Shaw Crouse | February 19, 2008

While children are consuming more “empty” calories, they are getting less exercise. In many communities, children cannot walk or ride bicycles to schools.

Gregg Jackson | February 19, 2008

I for one am getting a little sick and tired of listening to the relentless screeds and caterwauling of these conservative elites who are in many regards totally disconnected from the conservative base.

David Strom | February 19, 2008

Are Americans tiring of individual liberty? It sure seems so. How else can you explain the proliferation of laws that regulate the most mundane aspects of our lives?

Frank Gaffney | February 19, 2008

While the House of Representatives is vacationing this week, terrorists are probably communicating about plots to kill Americans without fear that their plans will be intercepted by U.S. intelligence.

Thomas Sowell | February 19, 2008

The Berkeley city council has made national news by telling Marine Corps recruiters that they are unwelcome in that bastion of the academic left.

Cal Thomas | February 19, 2008

A President Obama might be worth the risk in peacetime, but with crafty enemies seeking to destroy us, can we afford to make what might be a fatal mistake by electing someone upon whom too many of us gave projected, ungrounded hope?

Pat Buchanan | February 19, 2008

By intervening in a civil war to aid the secession of an ancient province, to create a new nation that has never before existed and, to erect it along ethnic, religious and tribal lines, we have established a dangerous precedent.

Chuck Norris | February 19, 2008

We teach our children they are nothing more than glorified apes, yet we don't expect them to act like monkeys.

Dennis Prager | February 19, 2008

Question 1: Why are murderers always counted in the victims tally?

Mon, Feb 18, 2008

Rich Lowry | February 18, 2008

Last week, in the words of Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats struck back against "fear" and "fear-mongering."

Phyllis Schlafly | February 18, 2008

Federal courts in San Francisco and in Los Angeles just ordered the U.S. Navy to limit its use of sonar, the underwater technology essential for tracking enemy submarines and detecting the ocean floor.

Paul Greenberg | February 18, 2008

American history is so remarkably continuous, like American institutions, that sometimes it’s scarcely necessary to consult the history books to find out what some past political cause was like. We need only observe a current one.

Burt Prelutsky | February 18, 2008

A few years ago, I re-connected with a guy I hadn’t seen in about 50 years. We’d been friends in junior high, but once my family moved, Gary and I wound up attending different high schools.

Armstrong Williams | February 18, 2008

Super Tuesday was Hillary Clinton’s chance to wipe Senator Barack Obama out of the picture, but what happened was shocking and humiliating to the once unstoppable and formidable candidate.

Robert Novak | February 18, 2008

A closed-door caucus of House Democrats last Wednesday took a risky political course. By four to one, they instructed Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call President Bush's bluff on extending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to continue eavesdropping on suspected foreign terrorists.

Dinesh D'Souza | February 18, 2008

Atheists can break out the champagne: there really are some wacky religious people out there. One of them seems to be Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury,.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | February 18, 2008

For all the reasons outlined in this article, I hope that all the major civil rights organizations of our day will return to their roots and live out the values of 'The Great Debaters.'

Star Parker | February 18, 2008

People get unified in two different ways. Unity comes either from a common threat from the outside, or from leadership emerging from the inside.

Mike Adams | February 18, 2008

Dear Professor: I want to thank you for writing to express interest in suing your feminist boss for sexual harassment.

Sun, Feb 17, 2008

John Andrews | February 17, 2008

Something sent me on an out-of-body experience the other night, a sci-fi trip into the future – and it was scary.

David A. Ridenour | February 17, 2008

It seems that Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD) had a bad case of sour grapes – sour green grapes.

John Boehner | February 17, 2008

On Thursday, House Democratic leaders left Washington for a 12-day break after failing to pass critical legislation designed to ensure that our intelligence officials are able to monitor foreign communications of suspected terrorists overseas, such as Osama Bin Laden and other key al-Qaeda leaders

David Stokes | February 17, 2008

John McCain turns out to be the Republican nominee, and then if he indeed wins the White House in November, he will be, at 72 years of age, the oldest president elected to a first term.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | February 17, 2008

You already know – eat better, and less, and exercise more and you’ll lose weight and look better. What you may not know is that walking might help you think better.

Debra J. Saunders | February 17, 2008

Start with the title, the Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights. Bill of rights? That smacks of the unattractive trend in America of even pampered people's quickness to see themselves as victims, when they have no idea what real hardship is.

Mary Grabar | February 17, 2008

Books attacking religion, particularly Christianity, have earned quite a bit of money recently for publishers and their authors. Pundits are now having a field day attacking Mike Huckabee’s stance on evolution.

George Will | February 17, 2008

Foreign policy has slipped to the periphery of presidential politics, displaced by a nonexistent recession as the voters' preoccupation.

Salena Zito | February 17, 2008

Of the cluster of primary dates calculated in advance to be a deciding factor in this year’s race for the White House, Ohio never was one.

Phil Harris | February 17, 2008

What follows is the truth, and if you have any sense left, you will consider what I have to say with your hackles down and your nostrils keenly sensitized to the odor that surrounds the lying, envious, power-lusting democrats who have had their way with you.

Guy Benson | February 17, 2008

A tandem of blockbuster scandals and a gift for lofty rhetoric have vaulted Barack Obama from an obscure state legislator to a top-tier presidential candidate in a matter of four years.

Paul Jacob | February 17, 2008

Think of it as term limits in action: The end of an era. The old guard passes. And those preparing to march out throw a monkey wrench behind, into the gears of democracy.

Ken Connor | February 17, 2008

You would think Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of the Anglican Communion would have enough to occupy his time.

Robert Bluey | February 17, 2008

Just when it appeared House Republicans had turned the corner on earmark reform, party leaders did the unthinkable. They picked pork-loving Rep. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) for the vacant seat on the Appropriations Committee.