Paul Dinger

The media was apoplectic. I'm not talking about the ad where Hillary Clinton pretended to be Santa Claus with "presents," like free health care, under a Christmas tree. No, I'm talking about Mike Huckabee's Christmas ad with a windowpane above his head that vaguely looked like a cross.

The media reacted like Dracula. AAAAAA!! A Cross!!! There's a cross above his head!!! Good Morning America declared Huckabee was starting a "holy war." After telling Americans for a half century that Christians are Nazis, the media now believes the cross is a swastika.

This incident is emblematic of the Grand Canyon between the worldview of the media and that of the American voter. Most Americans claim to be Christian and for our 230-plus-year history, the majority opinion has been: this is a Christian country, the redeemer nation of history – a view validated by history.

The media has hidden this truth from Americans for 50 years, with the giant hoax that the founders were early communists creating a secular utopia where Christianity had to be hermetically sealed in churches and not allowed to infect the public.

The media tells us George Washington was a deistic nominal Christian. History, on the other hand, says he kissed the Bible when he was sworn in and added, "so help me, God" at the end of his oath. In his farewell address, he said American Democracy could not survive without Christian morality. The media tells us Thomas Jefferson was a deist. So why did Mr. Separation-of-Church-and-State make the Bible the textbook for public schools? Why did he and Ben Franklin, propose a picture of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt for our national insignia? We are told John Adams was a Humanist Unitarian, yet he and his son wrote of their belief the constitution was Christianity in "civil government" form.

If you get your opinions from the delusional media, you will think the last thing America needs is another evangelical president! No, we need "change!" Change, of course, has been the rallying cry of the revolutionary monsters of the last century from the Bolsheviks and Hitler to Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. These agents of change made the 20th the most monstrous, murderous century in history.

So clearly, the greatest, most prosperous, freest nation in history, the place that draws people like a magnet, needs change! According to the media, we need to get over this Christian America thing.

Unfortunately, the history of the last 44 years of elections couldn't disagree more.

Paul Dinger

Paul Warren Dinger is a Boston journalist who is writing "The Hidden Meaning of America."