Charlie Kirk

Posted February 16, 2015

These politicians commonly referred to by their street name Democrats have given millions of Americans a religion; a denomination best labeled as dependency.

Posted December 25, 2014

In his allegorical childrens story The Zax, Theo Geisel (nom de plume Dr. Seuss) writes of a pair of imaginary Zaxs, one of whom will only walk south, never sidestepping east or west, and another who will only walk north with the same obdurate attitude about directional change.

Posted October 29, 2014

Republicans have a chance to reach young people by sharing a message of true individual freedom. Democrats might like to but they cant bring themselves to say the words. They dont believe in individual freedom. They believe in collective decision making.

Posted September 06, 2014

President Obama has come under attack from critics lately for the pandemic chaos evident at home and abroad. The President has been called aloof, bored, disinterested, and incompetent. Pundits universally decry his inaction. Inaction seems to be the criticism leveled by all with their own preferred adjective attached.

Posted June 11, 2014

Fox News’ ratings kingpin Bill O’Reilly sounds a repetitive theme, going back several years, in his nightly “Talking Points” memo when addressing Barack Obama’s economic views. Bill, in his earthy expression style designed to convey to “the folks” that he’s just looking out for them, points out that the President is not a guy who believes in capitalism or free market ideas. He contends that instead Obama is driven more by “social justice” type concerns. What invariably follows in Bill’s analysis, and is happening more frequently, is commentary on the struggling U.S. economy under the caped social-justice crusader’s watch.

Posted May 21, 2014

Memorial Day marks the unofficial end-point of spring wherein Tennyson told us “a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Now it’s time for that same young man, and the young female subject of his prurient interests, to fancy looking for summer employment.

Posted April 23, 2014

At universities today, too many students are preoccupied with finding a perch from which they can call themselves afflicted with the malevolent intent of phantom “oppressors.” They seek to gin up conflict and create a permanent state of unrest by reminding themselves and the student body that all is not perfect in their life and that imperfection is the direct result of deliberate actions of others.

Posted April 05, 2014

Millennials need to see that they have become the forgotten generation. They are being forced to pay for other people’s healthcare (they don’t need much themselves). They are being forced to pay for other people’s retirement (when polled they don’t believe social security will be around for them). They are having employment opportunities taken away under the banner of a greener workplace and higher employment taxes (they just want to pursue their dreams).

Posted March 27, 2014

On Wednesday the Chicago Region of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) approved the request of 28 players from Northwestern University to form a union for college athletes. The NLRB found that the University in contesting the filing failed to meet the burden of justifying its decision to deny its football players employee status. In finding this, the NLRB applied the common law “right to control” test, which considers what level of control an employer has over an alleged employee under a variety of factors.

Posted March 05, 2014

After WWI the code breaking arm of the U.S. Army was dismantled due to budgetary constraints. Prior to the Great War the United States had little capability in the area of surveillance and code-breaking, but beginning in 1918 it developed a quite prolific proficiency.

Posted February 25, 2014

How can a Millennial be an intelligent voter one minute and a knucklehead the next? If they are knuckleheads over health care then they were knuckleheads before when they cast a vote for Obama. The First Lady can’t have it both ways.

Posted February 10, 2014

A drive around the suburbs of Chicago where the author makes his home is quite revealing when looking at retail shopping space. Gone is the regional grocery store chain Dominick’s, a brand of the national grocery store group Safeway, having recently closed 72 stores just prior to year end 2013.

Posted January 29, 2014

When Seattle kicks off next Sunday against Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII, 100 plus million Americans are anticipated to be tuning in. They aren’t necessarily tuning in to watch the action on the field.

Posted December 31, 2013

A lot has been made recently of the "Pajama Boy" advertisements released by Obama's former campaign arm, “Organizing for Action”. Upon viewing the image I immediately mocked it and made fun of it. However, upon further reflection I soon realized that young people are quite literally living in a "pajama economy."

Posted December 05, 2013

All across the country today fast food workers are exercising an organized strike to protest "depressed wages" and the inequities of working under the current minimum wage. From the outside, it looks as if the workers have a good case as to why they need a hike in the minimum wage.

Posted November 10, 2013

In order for the Affordable Healthcare Plan to "work," millions of healthy young people need to enroll in the exchanges in order to defray the cost of older less healthy people.

Posted September 20, 2013

Most conservatives would be stunned if they found out their son or daughter is forced to learn from a book that is written by a former communist activist revolutionary.

Posted August 07, 2013

The biggest problem when talking about issues, like minimum wage, is that the opposition gets painted as heartless and uncaring for the poor. If anything, those pushing for abolition actually care more than their supposedly more altruistic counterparts.

Posted May 14, 2013

Last week Senator Warren proposed a bill to allow student loan interest rates to stay at artificially low levels of 3.4%, preventing them from doubling on July 1st of this year. This new bill has been met with much enthusiasm amongst the hard progressive left.

Posted April 27, 2013

Privately held student loan debt surpassed 1 trillion dollars last November. More money is owed in student loans than in privately held credit card debt. This past year, bank write-offs of student loans are up almost 35% from the previous year.