Charlie Kirk

During the recently-ended NFL playoffs one of the stories was the play calling at the line of scrimmage of Denver QB Peyton Manning with his frequent barking of “Omaha-Omaha” carrying some cryptic message to befuddle defenses (given the outcome of the Super Bowl, perhaps he should have barked “Omaha Beach” ). The Omaha Chamber of Commerce used the exposure to generate publicity for the city.

Now channel H.G. Wells and move forward 15 years to a yet-to-be played college football game where the next generation of would-be Manning quarterbacks stand at the line of scrimmage and shout “Scab…Local 364….Pickett, Pickett…Hike”! If those signals sound incongruous with college football to the reader then keep reading.

On Wednesday the Chicago Region of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) approved the request of 28 players from Northwestern University to form a union for college athletes. The NLRB found that the University in contesting the filing failed to meet the burden of justifying its decision to deny its football players employee status. In finding this, the NLRB applied the common law “right to control” test, which considers what level of control an employer has over an alleged employee under a variety of factors.

In January when the motion was filed, Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter told the Chicago Tribune "A lot of people will think this is all about money; it's not. We're asking for a seat at the table to get our voice heard." Despite Colter’s take on a Jesse J. tune singing “it’s not about the money, money”, the formation of unions in this country has always been about the money with other considerations so thin a veil that Beyonce’ would be embarrassed to wear it.

When the players first filed their petition they enumerated a list of goals for the organization. Given the reputation of Northwestern for high academic standards you would expect the points to be quite well organized. And they were. Listed first was to “minimize the college athlete’s brain trauma risks”. Now who can argue with that given today’s publicity of post-concussed horror stories? Next on the list, buried at number two, was to “raise the scholarship amount”. Well, credit the petitioners. They at least licked the Tootsie Pop once before crunching through the hard candy to taste chocolate.

Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk is 19 and the founder of Turning Point USA,, a national student organization dedicated towards educating young people about fiscally conservative values.