Brian Walsh

39 Days to the 2010 Election: UPDATE

Since we first covered the exciting race between Pelosi Budget Chairman John Spratt and Republican Mick Mulvaney in June, we’ve seen continuous developments that suggest the GOP is in a prime position to win this November.  Polling numbers show a dead heat and Spratt has been plagued with issues, ranging from comparing his opponent to Osama bin Laden to accepting tainted lobbyist donations.

It’s clear that Spratt is losing his grip, and the clearest sign has been in his shirking of responsibility.  As Chairman of the Budget Committee, Spratt is tasked with creating the entire federal spending plan – something he flat out refused to do this year.  That means no long-term plan to cut spending, no long-term plan to decrease the national debt, no long-term plan to create jobs – and after November, will hopefully mean no more John Spratt in the House of Representatives. 

With these developments, it’s no wonder that non-partisan political handicapper Charlie Cook moved this race to the “Toss Up” column over the summer.  Even though DCCC is trying to show a strong hand, reserving air time for Spratt in an initial attempt to provide cover to one of their longest serving members, its clear national Democrats are worried about Spratt’s prospects and may end up pulling out of the district.

Needless to say, Mick Mulvaney has been running a strong campaign, never shrinks back from a fight, and even achieved the top level of “Young Guns” status in the NRCC’s recruitment program.  With your continued support, Mick will be headed to Washington as part of the new Republican majority, ready to tackle the fiscal mess caused by the Democrats and get America back to work.

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Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.