Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler recently interviewed African-American pastor Eric Redmond. Redmond is the pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Maryland and author of the forthcoming book, “Where Are All the Brothers? Straight Answers to Men’s Questions About the Church.” Pastor Redmond discussed the controversy surrounding Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright as well as the prevalence of Black Liberation Theology in the African-American church.

Albert Mohler: When this controversy first arose what did you think of it all?

Eric Redmond: I thought that Obama would easily be able to survive if he could find a way to distance himself from his pastor. It was a risky political move for him to do that because he risked alienating himself from African-Americans—largely church going people.  Actually I thought that his church and his pastor should have taken the responsibility to distance themselves from Obama if they were concerned about his campaign. I most certainly thought that he would survive it.

Mohler: And has he?

Redmond: I think at this point he has survived. I think that his race speech was very creative and I think it was very courageous and allowed the people to see that he could be a leader. I think people are right when they say more than likely his Democratic predecessor in the Oval Office probably would have found a unique way to dodge those questions or the issues. I think Obama took it head on and made it personal, talking about his own background. I think that he will survive this and he has set himself up to be in great position to get some delegates even in the next primary.

Mohler: Now you know the interesting thing about this, Eric, is that there are some people who would say that the last thing Barack Obama wanted was for race to become an issue in the campaign. If anything, this controversy has made race an element in this campaign, wouldn’t you agree?

Albert Mohler

In addition to being one of Salem’s nationally syndicated radio talk show hosts, R. Albert Mohler, Jr. is the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.