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AP Photo/John Minchillo, File

In classic Corey Lewandowski fashion, President Donald J. Trump's former campaign manager testified before the House Judiciary Committee On Tuesday in its first hearing for its bogus effort to impeach the president. In the middle of his testimony, his Twitter account announced Lewandowski's "potential senate run." Then, he called Representative Eric Swalwell, "President Swalwell" as the former 2020 candidate tried to pester him. Lewandowski, as Townhall reported, willingly came to testify. But, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler probably wishes he never invited him in the first place. Even CNN guests are saying that Lewandowski "owned" Congressional Democrats today.

"Look, it's clear from the Mueller report he was a willing agent of obstruction, attempted obstruction because they didn't obstruct justice. But look, we're all thinking 'what was the point of this hearing today?" CNN's Amanda Carpenter wondered on Tuesday. 

"Republicans, Trump people talk about owning the Libs...Corey Lewandowksi owned the Judiciary Committee today. Jerry Nadler played a stupid game and they won a stupid prize because Corey Lewandowski just made a sham of that," Carpenter added.

"Republicans on the committee with their mockery of the process. This system is broken," she declared. "If the Democrats wanted to impeach the president, they should have started that process a long time ago."

"I don't know what they were looking to get, that they couldn't already get from the Mueller Report. They need to drop this. You can't do an impeachment in an election year. It's gonna look terrible," the CNN guest continued.

"So they need to figure out a game plan, cause it's clear, they have no idea how to handle this administration," she said disappointingly. 

Yikes. When you are a leftist politician who has lost CNN, it is pretty clear that you are hopeless.

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