WATCH: Mother of 3 Shoots Would-Be Robber

Posted: Nov 03, 2018 11:37 AM
WATCH: Mother of 3 Shoots Would-Be Robber

Fox News reports a mother in South Carolina heroically sprang into action by shooting at a would-be robber after the home intruder threatened the lives of her family on Thursday night. 

Ashley Jones, a mother of three in Anderson County, SC, heard a loud banging on the door of her home. She then saw a man pounding on her glass sliding door near her kitchen. Jones quickly called 911 and grabbed her gun. Despite warning that she had a gun and was ready to use it, the criminal still kicked down her door. That is when Jones pulled the trigger and the scrub ran off. But, Jones did make contact. 

“So then he kicks the door in as soon as he kicks the door in and tries to take a step in my house that’s when I shot him and he ran off," she told Fox.  “Something just came over me, I got calm and my heart slowed down.”

The mother noted she would have killed the man if she had to and was thankful for her firearm. “I wouldn’t have been able to fight him off. I never thought I would have to shoot that gun, ever,” Jones told the press. 

According to Fox News, "Cecil Charles Parnell, 42, of Anderson, was charged with first-degree burglary and was booked in the Anderson County Detention Center." Parnell was treated for non-life threatening injuries nearby by a police officer and later taken to a hospital. Jones struck Parnell in the shoulder. According to witnesses, "the same man, and a woman with him, had banged on her door attempting to get in earlier that morning." There was another woman accompanying Parnell, but she was not charged according to authorities.  The shooting happened around 6:00 am and can be seen below. 

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The incident can be seen below.