Steve Bannon Will Campaign for Roy Moore on Eve of Alabama Primary

Posted: Sep 23, 2017 6:45 PM

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon will appear with Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore the night prior to the GOP primary, reports the Washington Examiner.

Despite resigning from the White House, Bannon remains a steadfast supporter of Donald Trump. The president however has endorsed and stumped for Moore's opponent, incumbent Sen. Luther Strange. 

Bannon told Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes earlier this month that the GOP establishment was intent on nullifying the 2016 election. He vowed to take on Republicans who do not support the president of the United States. Bannon continued that he was "absolutely" going to war against those politicians. 

It would appear Bannon has found one of his first targets in his war on the swamp; Luther Strange. A source close to Breitbart's executive chairman told Axios that he isn't supporting Moore to defy President Trump, but to resist the aforementioned "GOP establishment" led by Mitch McConnell. 

"Steve is coming to Alabama to support President Trump against the Washington establishment and Mitch McConnell," the source said adding that Steve Moore is a "fierce advocate" for President Trump.

President Trump gave a raucous rally on Friday night with Luther Strange. During his 90-minute speech, Trump hit upon a myriad of topics but offered what many are calling a tepid endorsement of Strange. 

“I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake,” Trump said Friday night, “If Luther doesn’t win they’re not going to say, we picked up 25 points in a short period of time,” he added, referring to the media. “If his opponent wins, I’m going to be here campaigning like hell for him.”

Indeed, many conservative and anti-establishment commentators have noted it was a "strange" endorsement of the candidate backed by so many establishment Republicans. 

Steve Bannon will also appear on Monday night with staunch conservative reality TV star, Phil Robertson on Hannity on Fox News. 

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