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Consumers' Research

Townhall has extensively covered Bud Light's ill-advised and quite inexplicable marketing decision to throw its existing fans under the bus and seek to ferment a new and overly woke customer base, a decision that has cost the company billions in market cap and brand value. 


If there's any silver lining to Bud Light's inane shift, it's that American consumers are waking up to some of the country's most legendary brands torpedoing themselves in order to be more "inclusive" — that is, by excluding millions of their existing customers — and choosing to buy other products. 

Not every company's pivot to woke ideology is as clear or noticed by consumers, however, and that's where a new service from Consumers' Research comes in. On Friday, the consumer protection group launched "Woke Alerts" — a service that aims to ensure consumers are aware when companies cave to the woke agenda — and announced an initial six-figure digital campaign to raise awareness.

The Woke Alerts service is free, and consumers can sign up with their name and phone number on the Consumers' Research website that says "Many corporations are putting progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers," and undertaking that will "only succeed if we look the other way."


Consumers' Research says Woke Alerts users will receive "text message updates to alert them with companies engage in woke political activism" and "help inform consumers what brands are standing for publicly and how it may not align with their values."

Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers' Research, pointed to Bud Light, Jack Daniels, and Bank of America as recent examples of companies going woke, and emphasized his organization's belief that "companies should focus on their customers and not woke politicians and progressive activists."

"Nor should they be compelled to act in a certain way based on pressure from ESG extremists," Hild continued. "Woke Alerts will inform consumers not just about a company’s decision to descend into woke activism, but it will offer insights into what’s really behind those decisions, including in some cases, the desire to mask their own objectionable behavior."


As Townhall has reported previously, Consumers' Research has been a leader in the fight against the ESG movement which attempts an often more subtle means of forcing leftist ideology and policies on consumers behind the scenes. 

The organization has also previously put large companies on blast for sidelining consumers' values in their quests to show leftist-defined virtues, including Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Major League Baseball, State Farm, American Express, and Nike. 

Now, with its Woke Alerts, Consumers' Research hopes to be able to more quickly spread the word to consumers "when companies cave to the woke mob," Hild said, "so they know the brands attacking their values."

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