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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Former Democratic presidential candidate and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard went scorched earth on the transgender madness sweeping the nation during a Monday night Fox News appearance.


Responding to recent polling on the issue cited by fill-in host Kayleigh McEnany that showed a majority of Americans both believe gender is determined at birth and do not believe transgender individuals born male should be allowed to participate in female sports, Gabbard expressed hope that "there is still some sense of common sense and sanity in our society."

"We have leaders in the Democratic Party unfortunately and those in our society who are pushing this fantasy," she continued. "They are asking us to take something that is clearly not real and believe that it’s real. They're asking us to take something that is very clearly a mental illness that creates this delusion where you have people saying 'why, I’m a man in a woman’s body' and vice versa, and then doctors committing, in the case of children especially, this medical malpractice trying to turn this fantasy into reality and creating incredibly negative short and long-term consequences both physically and psychologically."


The former Democratic lawmaker, who in 2020 drew fire from her side of the aisle for introducing a bill that would have banned biological males from participating in female sports, went on to cite the issue as one of the reasons she left the Democratic Party.

"Are we going to live in a society of common sense and reality or are we going buy into this insanity and this fantasy?" she asked rhetorically. "This is one of the reasons why I left the Democratic Party, because we have the Democratic Party today selling this fantasy and catering to it and giving credibility to this fantasy, these mental delusions all because they think it’ll give them more political power, a party that is willing to do anything, especially things that are damaging to children, all for the sake of political power should be frightening to everybody."

Gabbard concluded with a call to action for sane Americans on one of the most important issues of our times: "This is a very real battle that each and every one of us has a role in fighting, to protect our kids and to protect our future."


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