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AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

Last Wednesday, Dr. Mehmet Oz conceded to his Democratic opponent, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, in the particularly crucial U.S. Senate race for Pennsylvania. While that race may be over, it appears that Gisele Fetterman's plans are just getting started. As our friends at Twitchy highlighted, a tweet from the senator-elect's wife, who goes by Second Lady of Pennsylvania (SLOP), has people raising eyebrows about who is really in charge.


While replies are restricted, there are nearly 1,500 quoted retweets as of Tuesday afternoon. There are plenty of users bringing up Fetterman's cognitive abilities given that he suffered a stroke in May, shortly before winning the primary, something the campaign wasn't as transparent as it could be about. Others also point out that it's really the SLOP who is running the show.

It's not merely Tuesday's tweet though. 

As Matt covered last month, Kat Voght of Rolling Stone deleted her tweet about the Fettermans, which included writing that Gisele was "the de facto candidate." That phrase remains in the article, though. 


A few days after that, while President Joe Biden was campaigning with in Pittsburgh, he declared that "Gisele, you’re going to be a great, great lady in the Senate." Such a campaign appearance was noteworthy in other ways, even to The New York Times, as Fetterman and Biden met with donors in a closed-door meeting after the president gave his remarks on infrastructure. 

Gisele Fetterman had also taken an overly-active role in defending her husband from what few media interviews he willingly gave. After then-Democratic nominee Fetterman gave an interview with NBC News' Dasha Burns, journalists in the mainstream media engaged in infighting and there were also hysterical cries of ableism. Fetterman's wife, though, fiercely demanded an apology, even demanding that Burns face "consequences."


With 97 percent of the votes in, Fetterman has 51.02 percent to Dr. Oz's 46.56 percent. The senator-elect's wins are mostly concentrated to Pittsburgh, Erie, and Pennsylvania's southeastern and eastern counties, especially Philadelphia. Riding Governor-Elect Josh Shapiro's coattails certainly looks to have helped as well. 

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