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Journalists Snipe Over the Truth About John Fetterman's Health

AP Photo/Marc Levy

Yesterday NBC reporter Dasha Burns did her job and revealed the truth about the health of Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful and Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman. He suffered a stroke over the summer, which nearly killed him, and he's been largely absent from the campaign trail ever since. He's also refused to release his medical records or make his doctors available for direct questioning. 


After sitting down for an interview with Fetterman, Burns explained he did not understand the questions she asked and that without a large monitor translating text for him before he gave answers, small talk was difficult. Many of Fetterman's answers were either off topic or confusing. 

But Fetterman's leftist media allies aren't happy about the exposure and some are attacking Burns for simply telling the truth. 


Meanwhile, CNN is atypically stepping up to talk about the facts. Burns is sticking by her account of Fetterman's responses, which can also be seen by the viewer in her interview. 

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