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Yet Another California Official Exposed for Mask Mandate Hypocrisy

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Even this far into COVID, California overlords still manage to find themselves in compromising positions when it comes to mask mandates. Los Angeles County is now once more under an indoor mask mandate, thanks to the county's Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer reinstating it last week. Just days later, though, she was spotted partying it up at Dodgers Stadium for the MLB All-Star Game, while maskless, of course. 


OutKick's Alejandro Avila covered the spotting of Ferrer at Tuesday's game. Travis Rice of Fox News 11 tweeted out a clip of Ferrer at the game, surrounded by other fans. He noted that earlier that day, Ferrer had declared COVID to be a "high concern" at her weekly briefing. 

Another user pointed out how Ferrer has been to countless other crowded events, also without her mask. 

Avila highlighted how Ferrer is quite the champion of masks: 

Ferrer has championed masks as a solution to the pandemic.

“Of all the tools we have used in this pandemic to counter the spread of COVID, indoor masking is one of the simplest, and turns out to be very effective,” Ferrer previously stated.

It begs the question, though, as to if mask mandates will ever end. 


As part of returning to that mandate, the county's public health department is also reportedly asking for volunteers to "work overtime and on weekends" to force local businesses to comply or, as a source put it, "to educate/confirm compliance regarding the reinstatement of the indoor mask mandate." 

Despite concerns highlighted by Ferrer, as Spencer covered earlier this week, a letter from the LAC+USC Medical Center revealed that few patients with the virus are actually admitted, as they have more of a mild case. 

In addition to the county imposing an indoor mask mandate, school children will also be forcibly masked, yet again. That's thanks to a study from Ferrer's own daughter, Kaitlin Barnes, despite how no conflicts of interest were listed in the report, as Jen Van Laar at our sister site RedState covered. Barnes has no medical or scientific degree. 

While some readers from California who wrote to The New York Times want mask mandates to return, many do not. One reader indicated that he and his co-workers "fear the mask mandates and fights over masks more than we do the darn virus!" 

There's an effort at hand to "Fire Ferrer," considering she's facing other scandals behind mask mandate hypocrisy, with her daughter failing to list conflicts of interest being one of them. 


Of course, Ferrer is hardly the only California official who has been caught red-handed when it comes to her hypocrisy on mask mandates. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), as well as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) and San Francisco Mayor Long Breed (D), were spotted taking pictures and meandering around the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles County for NFL games while maskless, despite there being a mandate still in place. The Democratic politicians were also taking pictures with Magic Johnson, who is HIV positive and immunocompromised. 

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