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What is Going on in DC? Man Lights Himself on Fire Outside of SCOTUS, Has Died from Injuries

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib


The man who lit himself on fire outside of the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday has died of his injuries. The man, Wynn Bruce, from Boulder, Colorado, had been airlifted to the hospital via helicopter, but nevertheless died from his injuries, Cami Mondeaux reported for The Washington Examiner, citing confirmation from the police. 


When it comes to the shooting that occurred in D.C., also on Friday, a suspect has been found dead after shooting at least four people, the Associated Press reported.


It has been an absolutely wild Friday in Washington, D.C. Earlier, as Matt covered, D.C. police responded to an active shooter in our nation's capital, close to several embassies. Now, as Fox News' Chad Pergram revealed in a video tweet from Friday night, a man has been taken away from the U.S. Supreme Court in a helicopter for medical attention, after he tried to light himself on fire.

A Fox News report from Pergram and Louis Casiano did not include a reason why the man tried to do such a thing. "The condition of Friday's patient was not disclosed. Fox News has reached out to the Supreme Court Police," the report also mentioned.


A U.S. Capitol Police is quoted as telling Fox News that "We just felt after this week the community needed to know why a helicopter was landing nearby."

On Wednesday, as Matt also covered the U.S. Capitol had been evacuated out of concerns that an aircraft posed a "probable threat to the Capitol complex." In reality, though, there was no threat. Rather, there had been confusion over a plane carrying U.S. Army parachutists heading to the Nationals baseball game nearby that same night for their military appreciation night. As Katie covered, people most definitely took notice of how poorly the U.S. Capitol Police looks when it comes to a level of preparedness, or lack thereof. 

Pergram also tweeted an update from the FAA about an "internal review" they did. 


When it comes to the shooting earlier on Friday that led to a call to shelter in place, police are currently searching for a suspect. 


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