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Kinzinger's Reaction to Possibility of Trump Getting Nomination in 2024 Has Us Wondering Just How Far He'll Go

Ting Shen/Pool via AP

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), reminded us all just how much he really does not like former President Donald Trump in video remarks shared on Twitter on Thursday. 


"But look, if Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination there are many of us that will move heaven and earth to ensure he doesn't win. I think that's the most important thing. He cannot be president again," the congressman insisted. 

Everybody knows Kinzinger is no fan of the former president. He and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) were both vocal in their support for impeachment articles against Trump the second time. It's worth emphasizing that the impeachment trial was not even held, by the way, until Trump had already left office and President Joe Biden had been in charge for a few weeks at that point. 

Kinzinger and Cheney were also the two Republican members who voted in favor of the January 6 select committee, which they both happen to serve on, after being hand-picked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). No members who were picked by the minority party appear, though. 

In this case, though, Kinzinger may be a bit too set on making sure that Trump won't get re-elected in 2024, as our friends at Twitchy pointed out. "Also, this sounds kinda sorta like Adam and the many others he’s referring to wouldn’t mind breaking the law and/or rigging an election," Sam J. wrote.


Such wasn't the only melodramatic video of Kinzinger as of late, though. On Monday he responded to Fox News' Tucker Carlson's request to have him on his show, refusing over a video statement shared to Twitter.

Among the reasons why Kinzinger insisted he will not go on the program include because Carlson's coverage amounts to "nothing but complete evil" and because "his show is full of Russian propaganda and not news." Kinzinger emphasized he did not want to appear and "be associated with it in any way" and "validate his propaganda programming."

Kinzinger closed his video not only by suggesting where people can donate to help Ukrainian people get humanitarian aid, but by sharing his thoughts and prayers for Fox News' Benjamin Hall, who was injured while reporting from Ukraine, but who is reportedly "alert and in good spirits." Kinzinger went on to claim that "the job they do is dangerous and appreciated," speaking of reporters like Hall, with his last words being that "this makes Tucker's position all the more disgusting."

A simple Google search shows that Kinzinger has tweeted an awful lot about Carlson, from accusing him of "Traitorous activity" for his coverage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, to sharing a Rolling Stone article from last November in which he's quoted as calling the television show host a "Manipulative Son of a Bitch." It was written by S.E. Cupp, who is currently on CNN and is another self-righteous NeverTrumper. 


While Carlson could almost certainly hold his own against Kinzinger, perhaps he's better off not having such a personality on his program. 

Meanwhile, as our friends at Twitchy also remind us, Kinzinger continues to go on the liberal networks of MSNBC.

No matter how much Kinzinger may have tried to endear himself to the left for his crusade against former President Donald Trump, he's still losing his seat. As Matt and I covered last year, Illinois Democrats redistricted his seat so that he would have to run against fellow Republican Rep. Darin Lahood to keep his seat. 

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