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AP Referred to a 'Deadly Christmas Parade Crash in Waukesha' in Piece About Jill Biden's 'Healing Role'

AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

The Associated Press was recently raked over the coals for a piece by Darlene Superville referring to Darrell E. Brooks allegedly plowing his SUV into a crowd at the Waukesha Christmas parade as "a deadly Christmas parade crash in Waukesha." 


The relevant Superville's piece from January 17, "Jill Biden: I didn’t expect ‘healing role’ as first lady," read as follows:

Her visits to Colorado and to see victims of a deadly Christmas parade crash in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and a trip last Friday to tornado-ravaged areas of Kentucky are a “prime example” of the responsibility she feels, she said. It’s what she would want as a regular person who survived a natural disaster or other tragedy. 

“I would want to know that my president and first lady cared about me,” Biden said. “I think that’s an important part of what I do. I mean, just helping people through the tough times.”

The excerpt links to a November 23 piece, "‘Mama, are you OK?’ In Waukesha, minutes of terror recounted," which mostly focuses on the SUV. Brooks' identity had just recently been revealed at the time, but wasn't mentioned until the last four of the 44 paragraphs of the article.

The piece is a feature of First Lady Jill Biden. While it references that she went to go see the victims of Brooks' alleged deadly actions, it's also worth noting that President Joe Biden himself did not visit

"Obviously, any President going to visit a community requires a lot of assets, requires taking their resources, and it’s not something that I have a trip previewed at this plan- — point in time, but we remain in touch with local officials," White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a November 29 press conference


Christopher Tremoglie highlighted the hypocrisy in a December 2 opinion piece for The Washington Examiner,
"Biden would have visited Waukesha if it could have helped him politically," pointing out that in September 2020, then Democratic nominee Biden visited the family of Jacob Blake, a Black man with a criminal record who was shot by police as he was reaching for his knife.

As it turns out, using terminology as "parade crash" has been consistent for the Associated Press, from the start, including:

People were quick to react over Twitter.


For the outlet to be using the same problematic terminology almost two months later shows they have not learned the lessons of CNN and The Washington Post, who as I highlighted, were similarly raked over the coals for their terminology.

Last Friday, Waukesha County Court Commissioner Kevin Costello ordered that Brooks must stand trial for 77 counts. 

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