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Tiffany Cross and Joy Reid Double Down on Obsessive Hatred for Winsome Sears

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As Matt and columnist Brad Slager have covered extensively, MSNBC has just been full of God awful takes when it comes to the results of the statewide Virginia election races from Tuesday. Granted the network typically has its own terrible agenda to push, but its hosts were particularly fixated this week on their hate for Lieutenant Governor-Elect Winsome Sears, who was just elected the first woman and first Black woman to the position. The two hosts who stood out the most were Tiffany Cross and Joy Reid, who couldn't seem to stand that a fellow Black woman might disagree with them on politics.

Many are highlighting an exchange on Thursday night's episode of "The ReidOut," during which Reid smiled brightly and nodded along while guest Michael Dyson discussed what he referred to as "white supremacy by ventriloquist effect." He went on to note that "there is a black mouth moving but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices," when it comes to Sears.

Dyson also argued that "it is to the chagrin of those of us who study race that the white folk on the other side and the right-wingers on the other side doesn’t understand: This is politics 101 … This is the pre-K of race. If you tell black people, ‘Look, there is a person of color who I am in favor of,’ and that person of color happens to undermine and undercut and subvert the very principles about which we are concerned, you do yourself no service by pointing to them as an example of your racial progressivism."

This man is actually an ordained minister.

In an opinion piece published Friday morning with the Washington Examiner, Becket Adams asked "When will Chris Hayes confront MSNBC's vile racism toward Winsome Sears?" His show, "All In with Chris Hayes," follows Reid's. Hayes, as Adams also pointed out, "complains on a near-nightly basis that no one at the right-leaning network has the guts to highlight the contrast between host Tucker Carlson’s vaccine skepticism and News Corps’s strict vaccine mandates."

In addition to including the horrific quote from Dyson, Adams wrote:

Indeed, for a left-wing network that dedicates nearly all its coverage to hunting down and deciphering supposedly malicious racist dog whistles, it’s amazing there’s not a single person at MSNBC with the courage to speak up about the vile racism appearing regularly on the network’s airwaves.


It can’t be Sears is her own woman, with her own fully formed beliefs and principles. That's not even allowed if you're not white! No, because she doesn’t believe what black liberals such as Reid and Dyson believe — or maybe even because he doesn't support what white liberals believe — Sears is a black white supremacist tool, a political minstrel show saying whatever white people want to hear.

This is an objectively racist way to talk about Sears. It is poisonous, it’s toxic, and it’s dehumanizing. It's bad enough already that liberals believe black people are not allowed to think independently of them — but Reid and Dyson are actually saying Sears is a phony black person, based on nothing, certainly on no evidence that she has any sympathy for white supremacism or holds any white supremacist beliefs.

It’s a scandal that not a single person at MSNBC, where hundreds of segments are dedicated to “educating” viewers on racist dog whistles and other problematic rhetoric, has the backbone to say publicly that Reid's programming is way out of line. No one at MSNBC, which is all-too-eager to accuse everyone else of racism, can spare a word for the insane woman down the hall who has been caught lying and keeps promoting racist demagoguery on her prime-time show.

MSNBC hosts and contributors have argued in the past that the words “charged,” “angry,” “Chicago,” “Baltimore,” “golf,” “privileged,” "education," and even "apartment" are racial code words. Yet not one of them has anything to say about Reid and her guest calling Virginia's black lieutenant governor-elect a white supremacist “black mouth” — a ventriloquist dummy for racists.

Then there's Tiffany Cross. As Matt wrote about, she filled in for Reid as a guest host on Wednesday, during which she claimed that the Virginia election went the way that it did because "a good chunk of voters out there are okay with white supremacy." Not only did Virginians elected Sears for lieutenant general, they elected Jason Miyares for attorney general, making him the first Latino and first son of immigrants in the commonwealth.

In fact, "white supremacy" was a collectively bogus argument from the Left as to why Sears won.  

Unfortunately, this woman has her own show. During Saturday morning's "The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross," the screen featured candidates of color who had won their races. Sears was among them. While Cross acknowledged Eric Adams, who on Tuesday night was elected the second Black mayor of New York City, she immaturely said that she wasn't going to give credit to Sears.

"I am not going to tout Winsome Sears," she said. "You know, sometimes there are these particularly MAGA crowd of white folks who will find somebody who makes them comfortable, but they are not an authentic voice of the community. And people want to tout that as their diversity candidate, we see you, we don't buy it," she went on to claim, as if she was qualified to speak for the whole Black, female, and Black female demographic.

A staff member account for Sears tweeted on Wednesday night that she'd like to appear on Reid's show to respond to her racist claims.

Regardless of how Reid, Cross, or any other race baiters and racists may feel, the people of Virginia have spoken. Sears will be inaugurated on Saturday, January 15, 2021, along with Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin and Miyares.

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